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Colecovision Game WIP : DO THE SAME

Eric M

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On 1/1/2023 at 10:32 AM, Eric M said:



Here is the final version of DoTheSame including musics, jingles and sfx

See you and...


... Happy New year to everyone ;)


Will this be released in CIB form by CollectorVision like your other game "Where is It?" ?


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Thank you @Eric M

I implemented the 8 levels.


I also added rotation to the left last night.  Of course the Joystick only has 1 button, so it goes to the right.  But with keyboard play, you can use the Q and W keys.


I need to add some Between rounds "stuff" and an END screen.  Other than that it is pretty complete.  Even my wife played it.  LOL

I am pretty bad at sound / music  so, I don't know what I'll do for that?


When I post, I will let you know and it will link back to this topic.

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