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Atari STE monitor


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I can already imagine eyes rolling at my naivety with the following, so I must apologise in advance, however I’ve recently completed collecting everything necessary for a nostalgic Atari 1040STE setup (inc way too much £££ on games...).

I researched for months and found that attached on a thread. I managed to get an LG RZ15LA70 on eBay dirt cheap which I was all very happy about... I’ve now tried a 13 pin to scart (with audio) AND 13 pin to composite lead and get flickering and rolling with both. I’m hoping you can shed a little light as to whether I can get some of for this to work or I should just get another monitor. I apologise for the ancient question but it’s been 39 years since I last owned these and whilst I’m tech savvy, I’m no electronics expert. Many thanks in advance for any time anyone can give me. Cheers. Gordon.


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The desktop appears to be moving up and down which suggests it may be a problem with the Vertical sync.


If the information posted was that of the ebay listing and you have not already done so it may be worth checking with the seller what connection method and settings on the display they used and use the same as they claim rock solid ST display.


Alternatively or in addition to that if you have a manual for the set check what sync options are available to you when using you are using SCART connection. If you are supplying both Horizontal and Vertical sync signals from the STe you will need to make sure that option is selected. If you are only supplying the Horizontal sync only then it will need to be able to Sync on Green (takes vertical sync from the Green colour signal. If there is a selectable setting for both options it may be worth trying the Sync on Green option even if your video cable is wired with both H and V sync signals as the SCART socket of the TV itself may not be.


Also triple check the wiring of your video cable to be absolutely certain that it is correctly wired and that nothing is shorting to adjacent pins.


Beyond that I cannot think of anything to try.

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Hi Stephen,


Thank you for the information and the advice. I’d come across the V sync as a potential issue but the TV doesn’t have any settings at all in scart or composite mode, only the PC mode. As for the wiring with the video cable, I wouldn’t have a clue at that level. I’m searching for another monitor to plug and play, I’ve even seen more modern 40+ inch TVs work via scart without any mods or adapters, just a condensed screen. 

Thanks again for the assistance.

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I'm sorry to say this but it's practically a lottery as to whether an ST will like an LCD monitor.  I had to go through 3 TVs before I found one that was right.  The first one was ok but had a power related scanline going up and down the screen (which I wasn't comfortable with), the second one was useless for the ST with composite, RF and RGB-Scart but the third one gave me a perfect picture through RGB and that's the one I use for my dedicated ST set-up (also have space on the desk for my laptop and an XBox 360).


The first and the third ones are from Panasonic (hand-me-downs from my now sadly late grandfather).  The second one was from Sony (£40 from a charity shop).  All three are older multi-input flatscreen TVs of about 32" in size.  All three have come in handy for different things.

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5 minutes ago, RonBurgundy2020 said:

This is somewhat comforting as I’d come to the conclusion that it is literally hit and miss with these things. Would you be able to tell me the brand and model of the one you are successfully using now? An eBay search may throw something up. Cheers.


It's a Panasonic TX-L32XM6B:



I wish you all the best with it but I can't categorically guarantee that you'll get the same results.  I only know that it's worked for me and that I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't work for you so caveat emptor.

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