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Using Bits From a Variable


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I was looking at possibly freeing up variables if necessary and was curious if you could use part of a variable for a counter and the rest for bit operations?


So based of my understanding, say I have a counter and it only ever used up to 4 bits (%00000000 - %00001010).


Can I use the 4 bits that are never used or when a variable is used does it check all of the bits?


So if I were to check for x{7} while having the counter at 10 (%10001010), would it read both or by turning on x{7} would it be read as 138?

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There's only one bit 7, but the counter would be 138, you can turn the first half into a four bit variable aka nibble, it can only count to 15.



   macro _Set_Lo_Nibble




   def PEEK_Counter = x&$0F

   def POKE_Counter = callmacro _Set_Lo_Nibble x



To set it to 0

POKE_Counter 0 ;notice no equal sign


To check if it's 15

if PEEK_Counter = 15 then...


To add 1

temp5 = (PEEK_Counter) + 1 

POKE_Counter  temp5


Then you can use bits 4-7 for other things, it won't affect peeking at the counter since it only checks the first four bits



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Ah. Okay. Thanks! I remember reading about nybble variables early on but never knew what for but now it makes sense. I will definitely play around with this. 


So then if I have it count up and need to change back to 0 then I would do:


If PEEK_Counter = 15 then POKE_Counter 0


And then add to it using a temp variable.


I'm sure I'll get the hang of this. Thanks very much!


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