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Lynx High Score Club 2020 Round 1 - KLAX


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Starting the new season a few days early. 
Been awhile since this was last played in the Lynx high score club

settings - easy - No Warps Allowed

Lynx HSC record is -

Peyo (549,380)

Bust it for a bonus point


New doctor_shred 1,159,645

Deadline to post scores is June 1st 2020 at 12PM EST

Final high scores -

doctor_shred 1,159,645 +11 points +3 points for winning round +1 point for breaking record
ilmapo81 237,075 +10 points
roadrunner 147,910 +9 points
Rick Dangerous 72,802 +8 points
jblenkle 42,730 +7 points

Season point standings -

none yet

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post



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8 hours ago, doctor_shred said:

Hi all,


This will be my first Lynx HSC round.  Having finally got a McWill screen installed I'm looking forward to revisiting this great system.


Klax is one of my all-time favourite Lynx titles and here's my best score so far: 677,635 


Hi and welcome,
Thanks for playing , great score 


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