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Hey folks. I have a question concerning playfields. As you can see there is a file attached to this post, download it and run it in Stella. Notice how the part of the playfield on the y axis has little spaces in between the different pixels, but the x axis doesn't? Is there a way to fix this? Or is it just something I'll have to deal with? As always, any help would be appreciated, thanks. 


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There is a way to fix it, but you lose missile0.




I can't recommend enough that you spend some time with the bB page. I'd guess it has the answers to 99% of your questions as you get started with bB.

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My understanding is that there are trade offs using bB. It does the heavy lifting in terms of graphics so there are some sacrifices versus straight up assembly, where you can get more detailed looking games. You can get somethings back but there is a trade off and on RTs website there is a section that details the different options for the playfield and what you can and cannot do.


The great thing about the site is that there are code examples embedded on the page or in some instances programs you can download to look at and run. I found that the explanations on the site are very easy to understand, even from someone with very limited programming experience. It may take longer to process the information but not impossible.

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