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FS: Odyssey2 cartridge Printed Circuit Boards NEW


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A few years ago I obtained a number of new PCBs to make Odyssey2 games from ozyr at packrat.


These boards were created and made by Rene van den Ended in Holland. 


Price: $2 each       ( plus shipping )    I will provide a shipping quote




From Rene (note this is for 27C256 EPROMs, he did note that others could be used, but you’d have to ask him how to use them — I’ve always used 27C25 (originally ST, but then AT, and I always use OTP [write once only]), and have had very good luck with them — aka, minimum failures, like 1 in 500 chips)





Will include the additional programming and soldering steps with the purchase





Here is a picture of 2 boards ...  so each of the 2 sides  ,  the solder side and the component side ,   can be seen






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Sorry about that. I should have asked you. I removed them from the first post and I put up a picture of the boards that I took with my camera just now.

If you know of any one who is looking for any of these, please let me know.

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24 minutes ago, pedalpowered said:

I'm confused by this post. What are the "newer" versions? I recall that you made an O2 ROM PCB. I don't see that in your project links in your sig, tho.

Are you replying to me? If yes, I've got reprogrammable boards available, if you need a bunch.

Edit: this is timdu's thread, though. Contact him for the boards shown in his first post. They're more DIY, but potentially cheaper, too.

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