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TI Items - Photo Archival Thread


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If you have some good-to-great photos of individual TI items, please post the photos here with a description of the item.  Maybe the 'next generation' will see some of these items learn something from them or use your images in a future project, or simply refer to them for cataloging purposes.  I know some of you have some incredibly rare items, so posting those images would be much appreciated.  


If Ksarul participates, we might even have our own on-line museum!  ?

I'll start if off with a few seed photos, then you guys can take over, then I'll simply create and update a catalog here in message #1 as this grows.




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Some less common carts.  Nothing all that exciting, as I'm not a collector.  And not great condition, but honestly, these labels were born busted.  Just stuff I've had since the late eighties which I don't often see pictured, that maybe someone can use on TI cart catalogue page sometime. 


The Great Word Race



Black Hole






Midnite/Midnight Mason





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