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Master System High Score Club 2020 Shinobi

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This month we play Shinobi


Settings - Default

Deadline to post scores is June 1st 2020 at 12PM EST


Hints and Tips:


Tip #1: If you get an enemy halfway onto the screen and shoot behind you, it'll usually kill the enemy. - zylon

Tip #2: You got to shoot that first boss pixell perfect in the eyes! - DarthCloud

Final high scores -

fakecortex 165,250
DarthCloud 133,700
roadrunner 87,300
jblenkle 23,300

Info -


Platform: Sega Master System
Genre: Action » Platformer » 2D
Developer/Publisher: Sega
Release: 1988
Franchise:  Shinobi

link to manual scan -


Any corrections please post


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Wanna get some extra work on those later levels or practice on that crazy level 1 boss? Here's a level select code my big bro wrote down in the manual! Note that "B" is not on the SMS controller (I called him out on that, haha), and actually either button 1 or 2 works. Enter this at the title screen.




I checked out gamefaqs, and there was another code for level select there too, but it was slightly off (I submitted a correction). Alternatively, you can press down + 2.

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I had one game where the level one boss and I hit each other at the same time at the end of our health. He died, I did not. It was pretty cool.


Got to level 2-4 again, and man is that boss insane. I haven't figured out the trick just yet, but was able to beat it with a few practices on level select. Outside of doing that on an actual run, I think the only way I can improve my score is by winning another bonus round. I believe I did 2 of 3. Gotta love games with level select tho. Not only does it cut down on frustration of having to play through to a boss just to die (when you really just need the practice) but it makes up for there not being a game genie on master system.


165,250 Level 2-4


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