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Are CRT VGAs a good monitors for most games?


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I think I got a cheap solution to Studio monotors.


First I heard HDMI based video games play fairly well with CRT VGAs.  Except for the fact that most video game systems don't understand the geometry a VGA.  So 16 x 9 games would have to be manually squished by using geometry settings.


ShouldI assume that decoding a digital code to analog is quicker than end coating an analog code to digital, or worse transcoding between two different digital codes, which is what deinterlacing, interlacing, and resolution scaling are?


however if there's way less time to convert a digital HDMI signal to an analog VGA than there is in the time and actually displaying the digital signal on a digital TV, that it seems like a net gainer to use a VGA for the last two generations of games.



Now here's a question about classics.  The old video standards don't play as Nice with VGA use as HDMI deaths a heard.  Well this device shown in the pictures help me play composite and S video video games on a VGA CRT?


I assume it works by pressing the buttons on the side after connecting composite or S-Video and outputting VGA. I assume it'll automatically scan it into a 4 by 3 friendly standard basically acting as a line doubler or something.


now we just have issue with three other input formats.


Scart. I found a scart to VGA converter. it is a passive type but I assume like a plugged passive type in the vgan after converting scart  VGA.  


RF, I know a VCR could do it,. But my 8 mm VCR has been making some funny noises.  It does have an ntsc tuner.  Do they sell combo ntsc atsc import tuners?  some of the ones are combo output but not combo input so that you can hook it up to old TVs. 


Finally shoe is component.  I have a device called a ypbpr VGA converter.  I assume I use that the way it should be used.  I got the mayflash one.


I know that if a regular VCR is too slow to make a light gun game aim accurately,. Then any ear conversion would delay it for the purposes of a lighr gun or Sega Scope game.






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I meant to try out one for myself a few years back, when my VGA CRT died, it put an end to that.


Those old monitors support older PC resolutions so you'd want to stick to a resolution the monitor can handle.  You may need to experiment, before you fine tune the geometry controls.


Also as it's only a VGA output, you'll have to remember to have a separate audio solution.



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Well since I last posted, I found that for a 4x3 VGA, a 720p resolution is best.  A 1080p resolution is zoomed in AND squished.


Because the Xbox One doesn't have a 4x3 mode, I better hope the RF/composite/S Video/ YPbPr 3 RCA/ SCART converted to 3 RCA has a 16x9 output, or else I'll have to adjust.

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Plus you can set the 360 as a 4x3 VGA signal. I actually DO have that cable, an official Microsoft brand.


And yes you can convert between males and females, and it works.


Also do VGAs not hooked up to a computer  have a YCbCr mode so it can run into my Hauppauge Rocket and Macintosh better?  But if It doesn't I got a VGA->3 RCA YCbCr -> VGA converter from Mayflash. Luckily I'm able to replace Euro power adapter with an American universal one.

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My talk typing didn't work: if a light gun could be thrown off by a VCR, then the only kinds of conversions that would work would be physical form conversions.


I know the Master System has scart.  The problem is line doubling will cause a mis-sync with the Sega Scope.


If you kind of had a gun con system where the machine could sense when the TV is synced, then it can control the shutters to match the TV.  And since CRT TV is instant, this should be a way that you could keep 3D movies still alive.  

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