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8 minutes ago, Fadest said:


Is it the matrix effect from your game "Password" which was included on your old Flashcard ?

No. I had a very trivial Matrix effect. The effect I was most proud of is the Star Wars title effects in Stardreamer. It too a while to code that transformation.

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On 12/31/2020 at 11:19 AM, sage said:

that is really a nice one. good idea to use zp :-)))

Went even further using a two stage approach (https://github.com/42Bastian/new_bll/tree/master/uBLL)

Now the uploading can (nearly) start directly after switching the Lynx on (or in my case after a reset).

Now I need to find a way to reset the Lynx remotely via Makefile ?

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Actually I like the depth-effect of the star field (esp. watched on TV set) more.

My prototype for the fuji_rot used gray-scale for the pixel color to give more stress on the Z axis, but it did not fit.

Even the correct fuji logo was a challenge.

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Yes. I'm not even cycling single line 100% accurately yet and not mentioning the plenty of places where cycles are magically vanishing. Especially around v-blank area. I'm dreaming about the low-level specs that are in RJ Mical's drawer... maybe someday. But for now we have to base on smart tests that can be written to check what the hell is going on there.


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