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AtariAge T-Shirt Slogan Contest


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http://www.cafepress.com/cp/store/store.as...iage2,atariage3Yes, that's right, you can finally order gear with the AtariAge logo on it. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, hats, and other items are all available. Now you can look stylish (or something) and support AtariAge at the same time. You can see all the products at the AtariAge Gear Store. To kick it off, we're having a slogan contest for the back of the t-shirt. The winner will receive a free t-shirt of their choice with their slogan on the back. For all the details, go to the AtariAge T-Shirt Slogan Contest page.
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Oh my god!! This is brilliant - you certainly kept this quiet! Dammit, I was trying to save some money, now all I can think about is how much shipping is there gonna be on an enormous mug

brilliant idea guys - I hope it pays well for you.

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I like Lee Krueger's of ResQsoft slogan...


No Atari; No Fun

Know Atari; Know Fun


Can you use that one?


I've also seen from someone on the StellaList(if you want to poke fun at present systems)...


If a train station is where a train stops, what is a PlayStation?


Don't get me wrong. I like my PlayStation. Actually I'm going to pick up my copy of Arc the Lad today after work

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Originally posted by atarinvader:

Damn. I was planning a similare contest next month for AI


sorry Atarinvader, but look at your site .... by the time i post this, there is none:



This is the Server Administrator™ default page.


If you see this page it means:


1) hosting for this domain is not configured or

2) there's no such domain registered in Plesk.


For more information please contact


my proposals for the AI-shirt:


a) "where atari is offline"


b) "atari 404 invaders"


c) "we have the worst ISP of the world"





hehe, don't take it personal, rather change your ISP.




about your contest: i don't see a problem of makin one. just do it and let us know, we'll surely all be happy to contribute. do a pixel-artwork-contest for a shirt design ... that's actually much hotter than just a slogan (from my grafik artist point of view).

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The reason why your getting that page is because we've just changed our host


Which means we can now use PHP / MySQL aswell as CGI, Perl and other such goodies.


I was thinking of putting up a t-shirt with a slogan saying 'stop me! I will buy your old videogames.'...AA thats my slogan entry


[ 04-18-2002: Message edited by: atarinvader ]

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