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Magnavox Odyssey Multicard - call for orders!

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Thanks to those that have paid so far, 11 multicards to 9 members has now been sent out for delivery, the code under the barcode of the image I have PM'd you (ends in GB) will give you the UK side of tracking at https://www3.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/ you may well get a different tracking when it arrives in the US (and hopefully that is sent to your email address!).


There is no particular rush to those that have reserved but not paid, I appreciate we are in strange times and you may have to wait a payday or two. They'll happily stay in my house until you are ready! There is still over a dozen free for anyone else who would like one so you won't be taking away from anyone else's chances.


I think most packages will reach Langley (where international mail goes) within 24 hours, how long it will take to find passage on a plane however, I don't know. Hopefully as these are very small and light packages, they will not take too long to find a plane.

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On 7/27/2020 at 7:52 PM, BuckeyeFan_4eva said:

Mine came in today!



I'll probably be dropping other users a PM in the next few days just to give a gentle nudge. I'm happy to hold onto everyone who has asked for one as there is plenty to go around, I may look outside of AA to see if others are interested too at some point.

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On 7/28/2020 at 6:44 PM, Mikebloke said:



I'll probably be dropping other users a PM in the next few days just to give a gentle nudge. I'm happy to hold onto everyone who has asked for one as there is plenty to go around, I may look outside of AA to see if others are interested too at some point.

Where can I find the operation video?

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1 hour ago, BuckeyeFan_4eva said:

Where can I find the operation video?


Here's the video I did, all you need to do is pull the switches in each area for the number card you want. Starts with A on left, B in middle and C on right. Ten switches on each. Rotate the card 90 degrees to the right to read the text on the card (pins will then be to your left). Switches will be on if pulled down from this position, and off if left up. If the text on the card itself is hard to read I've wrote here which each needs to be:


Card 1: A 5 8 and 10, B 1 and 6, C 2 3 and 6

Card 2: A just 5!

Card 3: A 5 6 and 10, B 1, C 2 3 6 and 9

Card 4: A 5 and 9, B 8, C 4 and 7

Card 5: A 5 6 and 10, B 1 8 and 9, C 2 3 4 and 6

Card 6: A 1 and 2, B 10, C 1

Card 7: A 5, 6, 8 and 10, B 1 5 6 and 9, C 2 3 6 and 9

Card 8: A 5 7 8 and 10, B 1 2 3 and 7, C 3 5 and 6

Card 9: A 4 and B 8

Card 10: A 4, 5, 6 and 10,B 1 and 9, C 2 and 6

Card 11: A 5, 7, 8 and 10, B 1 2 3 and 7, C 3 5 6 and 8

Card 12: A 1 3 5 and 9, B 8 and 10, C 4 and 7


I would say test your odyssey with a regular gamecard first to make sure you are definitely getting a signal. Remember you may need to move your controller to position onto the screen. Card 2 is the quickest one to use on the multicard as its just A 5, which controls 2 player display with no collision detection. It will look like this:




Insert the multicard just like any other card, it should work straight away. In all my tests, everything is working as intended. 


I've personally risked switching switches while it's plugged in to test individual switch actions and it's been fine on my odyssey, but to be safe I would recommend removing then changing switches then reinserting. Some different alterations can be observed and I'm documenting the interesting ones which I will share when it's more complete. Somewhere else on atari age there is a circuit diagram for the odyssey which you can follow. Most of the features that is possible relates to switching features for player 1 or 2 in the original gamecards, there might be some uses for these in homebrew games. 


I'm attempting to make a "human friendly" readable version of what changes with certain switches so you know how it reacts on screen, I'll provide that when it's finished but the general idea can be worked out with the circuit diagram. 


I've started designing a new homebrew with different switches, but I find there is usually a released card that does a very similar job. 


In conversations with Boojackasha before, he said he has left the multicard design in a way that additional parts can be added for extra features. Some of the special hardware produced for some of the homebrew can be replicated with these boards with the right knowhow. 

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Hi everyone, just a quick update that I'm having to raise the price slightly for US tracked delivery. This is because currency conversions is less favourable than last month, and its now got to the point where it eats not only into the shipping cost, but also the difference that I make on each unit. I'm selling these as cheap as I can without being silly about breaking even - but does mean it is potentially easily effected by significant currency changes. This is hopefully the only time I have to worry about this.


For 1 unit, I'm keeping untracked delivery at $5 ($30 total), but I've increased tracked delivery from $12.50 to $14 (total: $39). I hope this is reasonable for everyone.


For 2 units, the price is now $15 for shipping (this little extra is basically to insure the cost of the items in the event of loss), totalling $65 for 2 cards with tracking.


For now, prices shipping to the rest of the world remains the same.




Edit: I've just PM'ed everyone who has reserved this but not yet paid, no rush to commit to pay - just let me know if you'd like to 'sit' on it and I'll keep them reserved. They are being stored in a safe place until people are ready to pay. Thanks everyone.

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Salü kind folks

Here I send a list of what each dip switch connects: (always pin connection controlled / bank-letter and number of switch)

3 - 5        A1

reads "Bank A, switch 1 establishes a connection between pins 3 and 5 if set to on"

5 - 9        A2
5 - 7        A3

6 - 24        A4

8 - 6        A5
8 - 10        A6
8 - 12        A7
8 - 14        A8
8 - 18        A9
8 - 20        A10
8 - 22        B1

9 - 11        B2
9 - 13        B3

12 - 14        B4
13 - 27        B5
14 - 16        B6
15 - 17        B7

21 - 23        B8

23 - 25        B9

26 - 28        B10

28 - 38        C1

30 - 34        C2
31 - 39        C3

33 - 39        C4
34 - 36        C5
35 - 37        C6

37 - 39        C7
38 - 40        C8

42 - 44        C9


C10 is left blank to fulfill your wildest dreams (solder pads for all pins are available on the bottom of the card)


Hope this helps you to make flip instructions for your home brews.


with kind regards


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On 11/15/2020 at 9:44 PM, Graeme McCall said:

Hi there,


Keen to know if there will be another batch of these coming up for sale anytime soon?


All the best,


Hi Graeme, 


I have 15 available, ready and waiting to send out. If you are just after the one, follow the instructions in the first page regarding payment based on location. If you would like more than one, give me a pm with your country of residence and I'll quote you a price (it's usually more effected by value and having that covered by royal mail than the weight!). 


I usually ship within 48 hours and if its going outside the UK its usually arrived at customs on my side within a day. 

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16 hours ago, njb12287 said:

PM sent. These are great! Excited to get one. 



Just a heads up for anyone else looking into this, there is still about 13 available (that's me keeping 2 for myself and a few being reserved just in case!)


I've been looking into currency conversions, and the difference between £ and $ does fluctuate a little, but still within reasonable boundaries so I'm not looking at any price increases just yet.


However, shipping from the UK has changed slightly, I've documented some of these in an edited version of the first post but the quick version is:


Non-tracking times outside the UK is now listed as between 2-12 weeks for delivery

Tracked delivery outside the UK is still listed as between 7-10 days.


There is a potential middle option of cost offering non-tracked and faster if anyone is in a rush, ask if you are interested in this option. I'll update again if there is any changes, but for now prices remain the same for anyone interested. Thank you everyone!

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Just a quick update everyone:


Untracked shipping now back to normal times - both services should be with people between 6-7 working days where ever you are in the world.

Euro and US prices have dropped slightly for shipping, first post has been updated with this information for anyone new looking into this.

I've updated the numbers of available units, I'm down to about 11 - so if you are interested you probably have about a year left to order ?


I haven't looked into how expensive it would be to source more, but I can't imagine a second batch at a smaller quantity would be considered at the same price - so that is something to bear in mind if you are currently on the fence about getting one.

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