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Supercic for 12F675 here.


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I hadn't found the file for the supercic to work on a PIC 12F675 on the internet. So I had to convert the code. It was a little difficult to be in assembly, but thank God in the end it worked. Now anyone who doesn't have a 629 PIC will be able to make it work on a 675. On my consoles they worked instantly, but someone reported that they had to press RESET to work. So you need someone who has different SNES consoles to do more tests. Now it is a little easier to make homebrew games.


I thank anyone who can test.


Supercic for 12F675.zip

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Super CIC for PIC12F683 and PIC12F675.

I made a new build. This time for the PIC 12F683.
In the 12F675 version some people said they had problems having to reset to work in some games.
with the new version "12F683" they said it has been fixed and tested on Japanese SNES and baby version.

I also want to report that you should be careful, posi some friends of mine said they bought PICs from china and these chips were remarked with wrong codes and names.

Here is the download link for both versions:

AFS_SUPERCIC 12F683_12F675.zip

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