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The poll was tied so we'll play the unlikely team of...


Need to find the secret connections between the two games, good luck there folks!


Both games will be full points. Rounds now ends Tuesday 26th May 4PM UK time.



We now have a bug fixed XEX version of the classic space warping shooter thanks to Wilheim :thumbsup:

Download XEX / Download+Info on atariage thread





v1.1 of my horizontal scrolling multi level platformer. Unique gameplay mixed with some classic platfoming and plenty of lives! (you bounce the opposite direction if your body is touching the platforms).


Settings: Play from level 1 and see how far you get; for a bonus tackle each individual level using the "start level" feature. Play on any speed you find comfortable. No using "[F]fly" mode but you can use any of the other the features e.g. [9]basement or [Option] spawn etc if you are struggling.


I'll play on Randomizer so that will give me levels in any order (the much harder ones are 12-20). Details and superb instructions (artwork by RedThunder :thumbsup: ) on the link below.

or Download from Fandal: ATR

Block on Legs: First Steps416732438_BOLLv19.png.b9a78f4bf7bb4532b0577de7d9c513ed.png


Have fun and enjoy this great game (Gyruss is not bad too!!!!)


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11 hours ago, Deteacher said:

Oops...I posted this on the wrong thread. 


Blocks on Legs:  654!  Almost finished level 3.  I like it a lot and the hommage to VCS Pac-Man is a nice touch.  :)


That should get it a few more eyeballs :thumbsup: I'll have to start pretending that was intentional !!

5 hours ago, mimo said:

Bol 125


Not a scooby ?


Well you made it onto the scoreboard without one! Checkout the manual  but just jump up through the platforms until you are on them before jumping across. The only trick on the first screen is to make the floor appear (pink lines) and try different jumps to get the gems. You can press Start to restart the level from scratch. The more you play the more familiar the dynamics become and it will soon click in.


BOL will save scores to disk so emulator users make it read/write.



Had a bash at Gyruss (had to resort to one of my better sticks!)


232,600 2 warps to Earth


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1 hour ago, Deteacher said:

BOL reminded me of another game and I couldn't put my finger on it.  Then finally, it came to me.  This has a very "Journey to the Planets" vibe to it.  :)

That's high praise indeed, JTTP is a cult game, it is on Dope's list for the season so if he plays again I'll poll it sooner rather than later!


BOL 580

Now do you believe Atari is alive?! So I play BOL for the first time in ages, I remember level 8 is real killer and level 12 was the original end screen so that was difficult too, so I fire it up, active the randomizer (my handicap) and then BING Level 8 which I eventually managed followed by Levle 12 - ARGH! The levels could probably do with a few more tweaks but you can use your lives to learn the tricky bits.  IF ANYONE WANTS TO CHANGE THE LEVELS OR CREATE SOME NEW ONES LET ME KNOW, IT'S NOT TOO TRICKY (I would have to import them back into the game).


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10 hours ago, jblenkle said:

Block On Legs - 125 (Didn't get out of Level 1)


From memory - Get one of the grow pills and when you are big jump up and use your head to make the pink lines into platforms. You can drop off a long way without losing a life. Jump up through the platforms that are lowest to get on top of them - use them to reach the gems with a flying leap. Will check later. There are several ways of doing each screen ;-)

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