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On 5/23/2020 at 10:43 PM, therealbountybob said:

Just WOW RT, Just WOW.

Had an idea we could add some quotes I liked the one on atarionline.pl "There is no game like this", we could add some of the bad ones too and make a poster (and by me I mean you! perhaps combine them to your work above...)


Might dig out the sketches (rough book versions) for Ski-It and Space Fortress Omega:-)

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4 hours ago, RedThunder said:

Might dig out the sketches (rough book versions) for Ski-It and Space Fortress Omega:-)

New game is a bit on hold at the moment, hopefully some time before the deadline to finish it, more or less working but needs some level design and sounds...


Gyruss 233,750 again 2 from Earth - too much pressure when it goes mental. I was rackibng up more of the wave bonuses didn't manage a 4k but had a few 3.5ks



NEW Round 10 Poll and this round is extended until Tuesday 26th 4pm UK time

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On 5/19/2020 at 10:34 PM, therealbountybob said:

 latest tables


 10th   carlsson                    82,500  3pts


15 minutes ago, therealbountybob said:

final tables


 18th   carlsson                       32,350  2pts

It appears that my previous score was dismissed in the final standings?

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22 minutes ago, slx said:

Sorry if my Block on Legs score post was a bit misleading. The 169 were achieved without flying, I just tried to say I had got a lot further with flying on a previous try, before reading that flying was prohibited. 

I missed that score too! Added above. With a "few" lot of  goes the screens are all be possible without any of the cheats!

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Lets try again with the final tables... think I didn't save the spreadsheet after the first time...


Congratualtions to McKong for the win on Gyruss and making it back to Earth! Despite the bug fix I didn't manage it but enjoyed the great music. Hope some of you liked Block On Legs, probably a bit hard but try starting on each level with 10 lives as a separate challenge and see if you can do them. I'll credit deteacher with the win for BOL as he very nearly beat my score :thumbsup:


Thanks for playing.


final tables

I made up the scoring as usual, hope everyone's scores are here if not let me know ;-)


  1st   McKong                        278,350  12pts
  2nd   therealbountybob        233,750  11pts
  3rd   devwebcl                   232,450  10pts
  4th   Deteacher                  171,000  9pts
  5th   MagicMarc-er             157,400  9pts
  6th   McKong Bro                156,300  8pts
  7th   Caco                         143,300  8pts
  8th   pusakat                     139,950  7pts
  9th   mimo                         116,150  7pts
 10th   Sikor                         110,100  6pts
 11th   chevymad                  108,200  6pts
 12th   graywest                   107,750  5pts
 13th   roadrunner                 106,500  5pts
 14th   slx                             83,200  4pts
 15th   carlsson                     82,500  4pts
 16th   Gury                          62,900  3pts
 17th   jblenkle                      56,650  2pts
 18th   RedThunder                32,800  2pts


BLOCK ON LEGS: First Steps

  1st   therealbountybob        1,755  2pts for playing!
  2nd   Deteacher                     1,636  11pts
  3rd   McKong Bro                  1,335  10pts
  4th   RedThunder                     973  9pts
  5th   Caco                              683  9pts
  6th   McKong                           578  8pts
  7th   MagicMarc-er                   470  8pts
  8th   carlsson                          355  7pts
  9th   Gury                              195  7pts
 10th   Sikor                             188  6pts
 11th   devwebcl                       185  6pts
 12th   slx                               169  5pts
 13th   pusakat                        149  4pts
 14th   mimo                            125  3pts
 15th   jblenkle                         125  2pts
 16th   graywest                       121  2pts

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