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What new sport game would you love to play?


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9 hours ago, DeathAdderSF said:


Oooh yeah. Only Playstation game I ever gave two flips about. Hiro and Gas-O are the tops!


My favourite was Shorty with her pet mouse Columbo. That Funk-style was really cathy.
I also liked the hidden Capoeira alien twins (Kiki and Lala) that appear at the later stages.

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16 hours ago, LordKraken said:

I agree that the console is missing a couple of arcade racing games, like the lotus series, or futuristic ones like wipeout/fzero clones (i cant remember any futuristic racing game on handheld device though).


I'd prefer to investigate team based game though as it has interesting programming challenges :)


I'm surprise nobody mentioned the brutal sport serie :)

PSPS and PS Vita are not handheld devices ?


I'd prefer a follow up to Ninja Golf rather than Brutal Sport...

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4 hours ago, joeatari1 said:

I'd be down for Coed Naked Wrestling!  That would look great on a McWill modded Lynx.

You mean as a SCUMMVM game.


Talk to Coed Wrestling ladies:

- Hi my name is Guybrush Threepwood, would you like to wrestle naked?
- Could I buy you ladies a drink?
- Oops. I must have opened the wrong door.
- What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?



- Beat it kid. You are still under age.

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6 hours ago, LordKraken said:

Good idea, maybe with a Brutal Football approach? (I dont know about the three down rules!?).

It sounds like you want to do a Brutal Sports Football game on Lynx. Does Telegames own the rights to this brand? Maybe you could reach out to them?

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 While that sounds ridiculous to start with I actually think something similar to stick cricket on mobile a few years back would work really well on Lynx in terms of gameplay


 or even Graham Gooch cricket from the Atari ST… man I broke multiple joysticks when I was younger playing that - you had to waggle it left and right as fast as you could to bowl fast! (Could translate to alpine games style Lynx button mashing!)

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