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General Astrocade Repair Resources

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Today I've decided to finally crack open my ol' Astrocade and try to repair it. I've done several arcade repairs now so I'm feeling confident I can at least poke around in it with a probe/soldering iron.


I don't want specific repair help right now, but are there any resources that are a good checklist or "generally ways to diagnose / repair" these? I saw the pinned post and it's got some common stuff, but was wondering if there's a more focused general resource out there with things like pinouts, voltages, etc.


I know the "plz fix Bally HELP" threads have good info for specific problems but I'm not quite at that point. Any advice? Thanks!


I should add: I'll be starting with the general "how to repair PCBs" that I use for arcade games, which is a fabulous starting point for just about anything. But it's not Astrocade specific so I will have to work around any... peculiarity...with the console. :D

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51 minutes ago, ballyalley said:

I re-posted your question to the Astrocade discussion group on Groups.io, here:




Hopefully someone can help you out.



Cheers, thanks! The current problem is finding where I stored it....


Okay. Now that the first problem is solved....LOL

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