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Does anyone know where to find this rocker power switch?


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Hello I am looking to find a replacement power switch for a pressure washer that makes me think some of you might have seen similar in an arcade cabinet.


The side of this "rocker switch" says Jaiben 160336 which fits internally in a SunJoe SPX3000. An external plastic switch has a bit that rubs up against this internally to select on or off positions. There are 4 metal posts to attach wiring and I assume a six post with two unused might also work.


It fried and I am looking on ebay and aliexpress for a direct replacement (and Digikey) or something that would work in it's place. I've come up empty so far on originals, but am looking at these:


Aliexpress 1


Aliexpress 2


Preferably something that is water resistant but the plaster outer body of the pressure washer should be sufficient. The Pressure washer without a plastic shell at its basic components is a GFCI circuit breaker, a long wire to this mentioned power switch, with pos/neg leads to the motor/pump assembly. Some water got in the body which shorted it out with a burning smell. Disassembly showed the pos/neg leads at this power switch had some melting and smoke smell coming from the power switch. I hope to repair this for a friend.   







1 - Copy.JPG

2 - Copy.JPG

3 - Copy.JPG

4 - Copy.JPG

5 - Copy.JPG

6 - Copy.JPG

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It looks like a Double Pole Single Throw (DPST) Rocker Switch so do a search for that and find one with the same or higher voltage/current rating and of the right size to fit the hole, generally they only come in two sizes.

Double throw versions (DPDT) are often the same size as the single throw so you could use one of those, just insulate the unused terminals as depending on how you wire the switch the incoming power could be connected to them when the equipment is off and you don't want to get a shock off them. 


Some have dust covers which may add a little resistance to water but if you include waterproof within your search terms hopefully you will find some that are such as this or this for example. If it does not look like it has bellows then it may not be waterproof.  

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Well. I'm not sure how large that switch is in the pics, but it look very similar to the switches I buy locally and have put into a few Colecovisions to replace the power switch in them. It isn't water proof or even resistant that I'm aware of, but it does have a rubber collar around the base of the switch.


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For anything hardware or industrial equipment, my go to place is McMaster-Carr. They sell quality parts at a fair price. They have locations across the US. Shipping is very fast. If I order before 5pm on an in stock item, I usually get it the next day. Not sure where you are but they ship international also.



This switch is rated for high current start and water resistant.


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