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Virtual boy: Anaglyph Virtual Tap and fight stick


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He got two questions about the Virtual Boy.  I see castlemania games has virtual tap.  It cost around $70 and has the name of three Western hemisphere modders who do they recommend will mod it for you for a price.


I tried writing castlemania games but it wouldn't let me in to their letter page.  They don't usually let non-customers join.


First of all I've seen anaglyph videos of Virtual Boy.  Most are red and blue but I don't have the red and blue glasses.  I do have the red and cyan glasses.  From what I know in science, blue light plus green light equals cyan light.  I heard you could play either left eye or right eye.  Could you play both?  I assume if either VGA or RGB is a simple pin connection to have the left I have the red and the right I have the Green in the blue connected.  It says it could swap between 8 colors.  I assume it's the seven main colors scientifically defined that isn't black, and the eighth color can you be a custom color or by default is inverse White.(black spots on white backgrounds)


Is there a color switch on both sides?  If so it would be easy to have independent color shifts.  If you are not independent controls for left and right eye could there be a 3D mode where whatever the left eye is the right eye is the opposite.  So red and Cyan are together, green and magenta are together, blue and yellow are together, pick the opposite side to flip sides.


most of the video show red and blue and I've seen a cyan video before so I know the combination is possible.  I know to buy it from castlemania have it sent directly to a modder along with my working Virtual Boy and pay the labor and extra parts fee.


The best thing you could do is play it on a TV screen.  I assume it works for VGA and RGB scart because all those have separate pins for red green and blue, adding a composite or S-Video chip would have really thrown It off.


so now it's the console and pretty much anything that is not specifically analog I prefer my fightstick for, without tearing apart a virtual boy joystick, could someone add a method of getting a brook retro fight stick  board working with Virtual Boy?


I know it has very weird controllers.  It's partly robotron control, partly NES control.  what would be the ideal arrangement for most schemes using a fightstick with a virtual boy?

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E Well I wrote furrtek the maker of the Virtual Tap, and he says one eye per device.  You can make left eye right eye alternate between the two.


But to get two simultaneous images to form an attic lift you need two Virtual taps one for the left eye one for the right eye.  


I know I could set them at opposite colors.  (Like red and cyan, where cyan is equal parts green and blue.) The question is are there any devices that can merge a red screen and a cyan  screen together and add their results? (and or diagrams on how to build such a device)


By the way I have a VGA monitor so that's the version I'm going to use.


Maybe I should check to see if there is a video equivalent of addition for simultaneous red and cyan sources.


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