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C64 Bluetooth Keyboard

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As part of corona lockdown, I decided to build a dedicated retro PC for running emulators and stuff. For the Commodore emulator collection VICE, I decided, that I want a somewhat "real" keyboard. So I took one of my C64 keyboards and added an ESP32 as a bluetooth keyboard microcontroller. I'm quite pleased with the result.



I'm still struggling with creating better keyboard mounts for 3D printing.


But nevertheless, it's fun to grab the keyboard, press the RESTORE key for getting out of deep sleep, see the LED turn green and start using it with VICE. More infos can be found on the webpage: https://xayax.net/viceboard/ . The whole system is open source and the software is about 90% complete. There are still some very specific features missing, mostly about runtime configuration. The amount of effort I will take completing it will be also related to the feedback I get.

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