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Supercharger PAL/NTSC ?


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Hello there,


I have an opportunity to buy a STARPATH SUPERCHARGER, US model, (NTSC ?). My VCS2600 is a PAL version.


Is there internal differences between a Supercharger for PAL machines and for the NTSC ? (Maybe there is no differences at all...)


So to sum up if I bought this one, can I use it on my machine ?


Thanks ! ?

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My guess is that the hardware is identical, but the data on tape is different. I mean, there is no hardware differences on cartridges, so...


But I didn't manage to find any manual or information online to confirm this...

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The hardware is identical, only the bios rom is different.

You can use a NTSC supercharger with a PAL console. The loading screen will be displayed at 60Hz (PAL60), and the colors will be different (only in the loading screen). In Europe, most TVs since the 90s support PAL60 without problems. If your TV cannot handle the 60Hz display, the screen might roll, but you will still be able to load the game properly.
Once the game is loaded, the TV format of the Supercharger doesn't matter anymore. Just ensure to load the PAL version of the game you want to play and it will run just fine no matter if you're using a PAL or NTSC Supercharger


I have a NTSC Supercharger too and I always used it with PAL consoles.


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