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Pitcher's Duel - Overlay Issues


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Pitcher's Duel controls vs. overlays. It would appear as though Sean Kelly's and Steven Kray's respective overlays for Pitcher's Duel have differing Buttons 3 and 4 controls. Kelly's are slow swing/slow pitch and fast swing/fast pitch for 3 and 4, while Kray's are fast swing/fast pitch and slow swing/slow pitch for 3 and 4. 


That led me to look up the controls, which has revealed that they are power swing/changeup (slow pitch) for Button 3 and normal swing/fastball (fast pitch) for Button 4. So it would appear as though Kelly has the pitching right/batting wrong and Kray has the batting right/pitching wrong, if we're equating a "fast" swing with a power swing and a "slow" swing with a normal swing.


Admittedly, I'm just going off images of both overlays and instructions I found online on two different websites (same controls were listed on both sites). I don't have a multicart just yet, so can't compare with actual gameplay.


Would anyone be willing to assist to confirm? And how has this not been caught before with the overlay issues? Thanks all!!

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Read what you wrote... and I'm lost without a visual aid... I think and nice table comparison would be appropriate:

Button | Instructions                                    | Sean K.                        | S. Kray                     | Actual Game Play


        1 | 

        2 |

        3 | power swing/change up (slow pitch) | slow swing (slow pitch) | fast swing (fast pitch)  | ?

        4 | normal swing/fastball (fast pitch)     | fast swing (fast pitch)   | slow swing (slow pitch) | ?

I have a feeling this won't render correctly, so I've attached a screenshot as well :D

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.22.49 AM.png

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Yep, your chart has accurately portrayed my written description. While I didn't mention it above, both overlays are consistent with the instructions for Button 2, which is a "knuckler" or knuckleball-type pitch. The instructions also state that while both pitching and batting, Button 1 brings up the current scorecard, but neither overlay made reference to that. I say "made" in past tense because since I made this post (also posted on the Facebook group), Steven Kray made quick work and has updated his overlay to reflect the instructions, as pictured below. Now I hope the instructions are correct haha...Can anyone confirm?

Pitcher's Duel Overlay 2.0.jpg

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