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Jungle Hunt: A Powered Hack or a New HomeBrews?


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Jungle Hunt 2600 is a classic, that's not to be discussed!
But let's face it, the conversation could have been much better!
Many elements of Arcade are missing for the 2600 version to be flawless!
What is the first thing you miss when pressing the Reset key or the fire button
Our hero getting ready to jump from the big jungle tree!
Another is the soundtrack that accompanies Sir Dudley Dashly until the end of his journey
 to the rescue of his beloved Lady Penelope Dashly!
Speaking of Penelope, why isn’t it hanging above a scalding boiler?
Well then we return to the restart to face an even more difficult journey!
Wait, what's even more missing?
Yes, the change in the color palette of the stages is missing, would it be possible
 to add this addition to our dear and limited 2600?
Finally, where are the monkeys? hanging from the vines to further tease the hunter's life?

Well and that would really like to see a retreaded version of jungle Hunt, that would do a 
little more justice to its origins of Arcade

We have already seen other wonders redesigned like Super Cobra, Donkey Kong, Wizard of War,
 Venture Reloaded among others!
Why doesn't Jungle Hunt deserve the same treatment?
What do you think?
Better tinker and add more to what is already done by expanding the game originally
 from 8k to 32k or starting a new home brew?








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