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Videopac #49 Turpin/Turtles question


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First post here?


Back in the day I didnt know that Videopac#49 Turtles was a port of an arcade game by Stern/Konami

Is it known why Philips chose Turtles as their only arcade port? (not counting the four Parker bros. games)

Just seems like an odd choice. I spent a lot of time in arcades back in the days but never saw it anywhere. One would think that it would better spending presumably a lot of money on a more known license?


Regards from Sweden


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Purely speculation but probably money.


Its one of the later numbers, but then you had the 7400 games. You also have the design documents to essentially make a nes(ish, maybe closer to 7800 released games) styled sequel console. There was certainly enough fight in them even at the introduction of intellivision and colecovision to try and stay in the market. 


Being a title people wouldn't normally know about, it might have been dirt cheap to produce. It might also be a simple fact that it was easy to replicate, it fits well with the system. I couldn't imagine donkey kong being produced, the 2600 was far too important not to produce for, but the poor videopac had no chance. 


Maybe it was a test case, if it had done well they might have attempted bigger licences. 


Shame really, despite the graphics being dull as hell, it's enjoyable and one I often pick up and play. 

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Thanks for your answer Mike,

Youre probably right. Since it is a fairly unknown game to begin with they probably got the licence cheap.


Its strange though that they out of the 60 game produced suddenly decided to do one arcade port.


Guess we never know


Kind regards

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