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2 hours ago, carlsson said:

I haven't checked out the A8 version of The Goonies yet (too much other stuff going on) but I see that the C64 disk version of The Goonies contains Cyndi Lauper's song in no less than 3 versions. Doesn't the A8 version cover it as well somewhere?

Yes, there is only one version of the song in the A8 version, though it sounds very good on the old POKEY.

I don't recognize the song that plays in the other levels - not sure if it's from the movie, or something invented just for this game.

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16 hours ago, devwebcl said:

I remember once I got to level 11, but it was only luck. You need to throw a beer to an empty door, and suddenly (luckily) will appear a punk (the timing is too short)

I think I did beat it once too, yes it's the wait and fire a beer hoping the guy will finish the one he's got tactic. The only good thing is the levels are exactly the same each go so with a lot of practice may be able to learn where to do this :)

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How do the levels in Tapper work?


Does a level end once all patrons are pushed back out the door? Or is there a set number of customers that you have to serve?


I remember playing one of the "punk bar" levels for what seemed like ages... thinking "will this ever end?" and customers just kept on coming. Maybe I need to focus on getting everyone out the door instead?


Is that why we're playing for level reached instead of score? Because it would be too easy to stay on the first level and rack up points?


It's all beginning to make sense now. :-D 

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 Sorry life has taken an unexpectedly busy turn so I'll pick the game(s) for the next round and post it tomorrow. I'm going to be around on and off for the next few weeks so if carlsson or anyone wants to post tables when there has been too big a gap please do so, I will still be playing of course :lust::)


Here are the latest tables, the next round starts tomorrow morning!!!



  1st   graywest                        109,020  13pts*
  2nd   therealbountybob           7,105  11pts
  3rd   McKong Bro                   6,105  10pts
  4th   Deteacher                     4,905  9pts
  5th   Caco                            3,800  8pts
  6th   MagicMarc-er                2,600  7pts
  7th   RedThunder                   2,600  6pts
  8th   carlsson                        1,800  5pts
  9th   slx                               1,400  4pts
 10th   roadrunner                    1,400  3pts

*includes 1pt bonus for first person to complete the game



Rounds completed+Sodas safely opened. Scoring has changed. If anyone beats round 10 they will score 5pts plus 2pts per level after that!

  1st   therealbountybob             12     4pts
  2nd   McKong                         12     4
  3rd   devwebcl                        12     4
  4th   Caco                             12     4
  5th   MagicMarc-er                  12     4
  6th   Deteacher                        9     3
  7th   graywest                         9     3
  8th   carlsson                          9     3
  9th   slx                                  7     2
 10th   roadrunner                      7     2
 11th   Mangia-Boy                     2     1


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Finally, I've actually played Tapper for the first time! It is a fun game


Got to round 10 (I'ts a bit frantic isnt it?), and got the 3 soda cans


Going to try The Goonies now!


Edit: Goonies 3,800 - Level 4 I think, the one with the ball, the bell and the bats. I think this game is very like Zorro, though a little faster and a lot more dangerous. 12 year old me would have loved it for sure






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