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Here are the final tables for the round, probably like me you will want some more time on The Goonies so we can do that in a catch-up round later in the season. Congratulations to  graywest winning the round and his first HSC win (I knew he could do it)  :thumbsup: Tapper is Tapper the table tells the story.




  1st   graywest                   109,020  13pts*
  2nd   McKong Bro                    7,655  11pts
  3rd   therealbountybob            7,105  10pts
  3rd   McKong                           7,105  10pts
  5th   Deteacher                       4,905  9pts
  6th   Caco                              3,800  8pts
  6th   Sikor                              3,800  8pts
  6th   Starbug                          3,800  8pts
  9th   MagicMarc-er                   2,600  5pts
  9th   RedThunder                    2,600  5pts
 11th   carlsson                         1,800  3pts
 12th   slx                                 1,400  2pts
 12th   roadrunner                     1,400  2pts

*includes 1pt bonus for first person (and only person!) to complete the game :thumbsup:



Rounds completed+Sodas safely opened.

  1st   therealbountybob           12     4pts
  1st   McKong                           12     4
  1st   devwebcl                        12     4
  1st   Caco                               12     4
  1st   MagicMarc-er                  12     4
  1st   Starbug                          12     4
  7th   Deteacher                        9     3
  7th   graywest                         9     3
  7th   carlsson                           9     3
 10th   Sikor                               8     2
 11th   slx                                   7     2
 11th   roadrunner                     7     2
 13th   RedThunder                    6     2
 14th   McKong Bro                     5     2
 14th   chevymad                       5     2
 16th   Mangia-Boy                     2     1



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