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Sophia 2 preorder thread


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5 hours ago, atarixle said:

The thing is, I pre-ordered two units back in december, I promised I would pay in January, but I totally forgot about it during the whole february (completely my own fault). Now my Question is: are my pre-ordered units still held back for me (so I can pay right now to get those units ASAP) or are they already sold because of my broken payment-promise (so I will pre-order two units once more)?

They are sold.

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7 minutes ago, manterola said:

Last batch it was  PLN350 for one ,or PLN640 for 2 pcs, including shipping. PLN350 is ~US$90

OK, thanks for the info.  I'll stick with 3 for now, but would be interested in any quantity discount options if there are any.  I got the sense that ordering more may help because it lets him split the cost of the production run more ways, but maybe I misunderstood.

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I've got a couple of header pin based JTAG connectors at work but I don't recognize the mount on the Sophia 2.


What does the JTAG cable look like that mates with the Sophia 2? Does this type of cable have a specific name?

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On 3/2/2021 at 6:09 PM, 1200XL M.U.L.E. said:

Hi @Simius Is there a way to find out where our place is in your queue? I understand my recent request puts me at the bottom of the list :) but it would be nice to know if there are 100 people ahead of me or 500 people ahead of me. It just helps me set my expectations and hopes. Thank you!

Not as much. About 60. You can expect the message still in March. 

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Just wanted to say that my 2 x Sofia 2's arrived into Australia and i had the chance to install one today.  

However i found that while my motherboard is socketed the SOFIA 2 board does not want to stay in place securely.  It seems like the socket doesn't play nice with modern pins.  I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue


And lastly.  How do you get sound out of the 800XL??


The images are STUNNING btw.  This has to be the single best mod for an 8bit machine.  Ever!




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