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Wii Power Supply


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Hopefully someone else can confirm, but I believe the output power of all original Wii (i.e. not WiiU) power supplies is 12V. 


If that is indeed the case, you can use whichever supply works for your loocale on any region Wii.  Video output/etc could be a completely different story.... but for power I believe what you want to do will work.



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If you're in the U.S. and want to plug in a UK Wii PSU directly into a wall outlet (with a prong adapter) to power a Wii, I don't think it will work.  From looking at pictures of Wii power supplies, it looks like they're not universal - they only work with the input voltage for the region they're made for.  You would need a step-up converter to take the 110V from a wall outlet, step up to 220V, then plug the PSU into that.  It would work then.


Personal story -- Years ago I killed a network switch I brought with me to S. Korea by plugging it directly into their mains, not realizing it was not designed to handle 220V input.  Doh!  Luckily no smoke or fireworks... it just quit working.  I have a better understanding now :)  

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Why not write to Nintendo and ask them, I would think they should be able to give a definitive answer.


I took a look at my Wii power unit and it states the primary is 230V not 110-230 so I personally would not risk it as that would suggest it is not universal, but specifically designed for a 230V domestic supply.

You have to ask yourself if the damage to the power supply and the Wii and the cost or repairing/replacing them is worth if it does go wrong it compared the cost of a US power unit or Step-up converter.

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