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Biniax 2 and Xump for the Lynx!


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Songbird is super-excited to announce orders are open for Biniax 2 and Xump for the Atari Lynx! Biniax is a frantic push-your-luck puzzle game that includes Biniax 1 and Biniax 2, while Xump is a clever navigate-the-maze game with dozens of levels. Both games feature top-notch graphics and music to keep you entertained. First run of each game is limited to 150 copies, so click on the links to reserve your copies today. Regular price is $49.95, but everyone who orders these games before June 30, 2020 will receive a $5 discount for each! First orders will ship by end of June.


Happy gaming! :) 




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25 minutes ago, PFG 9000 said:

This is awesome!  Just to make sure, the "single" option for Biniax has both Biniax and Biniax 2 on one cart, right?

Correct. After the Songbird logo you can select which one to play. The Biniax 1 version is slightly improved respect the free version released on this forum (thanks to Carl feedbacks while testing the game).


A reset during one of the two games brigs back tothe main menu of the game. A reset from the main menu brings to the game selection screen.


The double cart option is to have two carts and play on two different Lynx in comlynx mode (Biniax 2 only).

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Every Biniax 2 cartridge includes both Biniax 1 and Biniax 2. The "duo" ordering option is just to give you a chance to buy a second cart at a discounted price. Other Songbird games with comlynx now have a similar ordering option (Champ Rally, SIMIS, Othello, etc.).


Thanks for all the support so far! Happy to publish these for Atari fans. :)

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Carts arrived today.  It took me a few games of Biniax2 to realize I was playing it wrong.  Even though I read the manual, I initially thought I was supposed to keep the blocks from reaching the bottom of the screen and had trouble scoring much over 200.  I guess the Tetris, Columns, etc. gameplay was just stuck in my head.  After I realized the point was just to keep from getting trapped and crushed at the bottom, my score reached 931 and I'm looking forward to playing again to get higher.  I'm REALLY terrible at Tactics mode though.  Played it a few times and barely made it past 20.  :dunce:

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Good catch! The game is actually quite simple to play (but difficult to master!) when you realize the cardinal rule is: stay alive! :) And Tactics is a fun mode for people who prefer a brain burner to arcade frenzy.


Did you see that you are awarded chain bonuses to your score if you can keep matching symbols without a miss? Watch for the floating messages on-screen. It's a great way to boost your score and add an extra challenge to the game. And watch out for those barriers! They can be quite nasty if you don't plan ahead. :P 

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In case you're curious, here's a summary of changes that went into the versions published by Songbird:


Biniax 1 (included in every Biniax 2 cartridge):

  • Version updated to 1.3
  • Control added to stop background screen flashing (benefits Lynxes with modded screens)
  • High score saved to EEPROM
  • Increased progression of game speed over time

Biniax 2:

  • Brand new, enhanced version of Biniax not previously released
  • Arcade Mode, Tactics Mode, and 2-player comlynx mode
  • Chain matching messages and score bonuses
  • High scores saved to EEPROM
  • Numerous bug fixes and UI / UX enhancements


  • Several UI / UX enhancements
  • Replaced or improved graphics which were displayed incorrectly on certain menu screens or after certain events
  • Performance fix for certain times when the headbot moved slowly across the grid
  • Full EEPROM support for scores and last used password

Also, the games underwent MANY hours of testing to ensure every level loads properly and is solvable, high scores can be saved and erased properly, UI works as expected, and so on. Special thanks to @nop90 who worked very hard on these games and dealt with many bugs and suggestions I submitted to him! :)


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Biniax and Biniax 2 gameplay video now available:



The rules of the game are pretty simple: keep moving up! When your path is blocked, match your symbol to an adjacent symbol to clear a path. Your symbol keeps changing each time you match, so you constantly have to find new symbols to stay alive.

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I don't see it on their website, but Telegames UK has ordered a few units of both Biniax 2 and Xump. Feel free to contact them if interested in purchasing from the UK. They can of course request additional quantity as needed.


Also more new Lynx games coming this year! Stay tuned... boxes go to print in a week or so. :D


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Yes I need to get back to you on that one, I've finally got my female to male 40pin GPIO cables so I can more easily test these out on various Pis I have at home. First up I have to make sure that Pi4 is working OK as it's been reported that the PiHat runs quite slow on that, not sure why.

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