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Switch save state?


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How much memory does switch allow for saving games? I mean game save data, not games themselves. I ask because recently I've been running into an issue, specifically on Minecraft, where the console randomly kicks me out of a game and says "your running out of memory to save games, delete data for more room."


Two things, switch has 32 gb built in, not to mention the 128 I added when I got the thing (probably 28 or so gigs usable, unless system resources mooch a lot) And, all my games are physical, so there shouldn't be much space taken up by saves, even with Minecraft ever expanding world. The switch version seems the most efficient, saves wise, no multi gig worlds yet, unless the save size on the game select screen is wrong.


 is there some arbitrary limit to save data size?

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I don't know of there's an arbitrary limit but apparently, Minecraft save file size is not set, which makes sense for this kind of game. I found this conversation at Reddit where they say the game can become unplayable when the save file exceeds 1GB, but the problem may have been fixed since then.

How big is your Minecraft save file? You have 28GB left on your Switch?

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This is strange. I have never seen anything like this, but it does vaguely remind me of the thing with the PS3 and PS4 where you can't install games unless you have like double the required amount of storage space. I do have a few digital games on Switch, all of which are games that didn't get a physical release, but I've not had any problems with storage space so far. I also have a 128GB card in, and I have literally nothing on my system storage except the system's OS and maybe save files, which it seems you can't move to the SD. Not sure if those are actually on the SD or system storage, though.

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How much of the  system storage is left?  Go into your settings and check.


All saves are stored on the system memory, not the microSD.  You're probably running low on internal memory.  Try moving software to the microSD.


Also, check to see if you have screenshots or videos stored in system memory -- if so, move them to the SD and make sure the settings use the SD for that storage.

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It's dead atm, I'll check later once the battery is charged again.


the world file is at 380 MB, which is super small (for a similar sized world on pc, it would be nearly two gigs)


I thought the switch had 32 gb built in, which was why I said I should have 28~ish, about three gigs for whatever filing system they use, and probably half a gig or so for the various game saves. Second biggest would likely be skyrim, but that's the hundred plus save files there, not that they are particularly big (individually)


I played a ton on computer, but mine died a couple years back, and Minecraft isn't compatible on new computers apparently. That or there's some program I need to make it work, but it doesn't say it's missing anything, it just sits forever on the loading screen until it locks up.

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Sorry that took so long. Covid and my obliviousness and a few other things so I forgot about it.


The system claims about 24 gigs left, and the 128 doesn't appear to be touched.


It seems Minecraft is simply limited to 500 (probably 512) meg save sizes. I just started a new world and have had no further issues, despite the big save still being there. Maybe it'll be updated to support larger sizes at some point, the console ones topped at 2 gigs before exhibiting issues. Heh, my computer version was up over 8 gigs in size when my computer died, and it doesn't work on win 10. Weird it's still for sale, but doesn't work on the owners os.

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