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Is it the cart or the Phoenix?

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I was playing my cart of DK Jr tonight on my Phoenix.  It’s been a while since I played it but I’ve never had trouble with it on my CV or the Phoenix before and I keep the cart pristine and safely in a box.  Tonight I kept getting graphical glitches and it going back to the menu screen after just a few seconds of gameplay.  I tried DK and couldn’t get any sound but I quickly sorted that issue out.  I just don’t think I plugged it in properly.  I then tried my cart of Spy Hunter and that worked fine.  So did my ROM of DK Jr on SD card.  Here’s some photos of what I was experiencing. Even though the cart is clean already, I gave it a clean just in case but it still gave me the same problem.  Anybody have any idea what it could be and if it can be fixed?  I couldn’t try the cart on any other system as I recently sold my CV.



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Uploaded video above but doesn't seem to work.  A bit like my Phoenix.  I go to play Gorf tonight, plug in the cart and all I get is this below over and over, flashing on and off.  Something is clearly wrong with this Phoenix.  Already!  I got rid of my CV and got this instead because I was fed up with the CV being so temperamental.  We then get this machine and it doesn't work on many hdtv's, you have to change hdmi input before turning off the console to avoid the red light and now it doesn't even play my carts!  It's even more temperamental and unreliable than the 40 year old machine it replaced!  I have to admit, I'm pretty pee'd off right now. 





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1 hour ago, Bmack36 said:

Try this core version to fix Gorf


CORE01.PHX 460 kB · 2 downloads

That worked on Gorf.  What about DK Jr?  Massive relief to see that a simple core update fixed that issue.  Hopefully the same can be done for DK Jr.  I will try that again tomorrow.  Too late now.  Thanks.

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On 6/3/2020 at 2:40 PM, Bmack36 said:

This was the previously posted 0x0000 core (which is really an "unoffical" release) that has the cartridge bug with Gorf fixed. 

So is it newer that V6...  like an RC for V7 or something else?  Any issues running this as opposed to V6?


Just curious :). Thanks again for all the hard work on this.

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