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Lock-On 2600


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11 hours ago, ChrisKewl said:

Another batch of Lock-On 2600s have been sent out. Don't worry if you were not contacted yet, we have plenty to go around but prefer to make them in small batches for quality control. I am sure we'll get to everyone soon.


For fun here are some pictures of the building process.




Just want to make sure I am on the list and when/how do I pay?

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4 hours ago, SmittyB said:

If shipping to the UK is on the cards I'd like one too. I was looking forlornly at my Imagic games the other day and of course this is the perfect solution.

We have a few going to the UK, I believe shipping is around $16 with First Class mail.

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Mine arrived yesterday and I got to try the Lock-on 2600 with my 7800. First, the adapter looks fantastic -- very sturdy, attractive label. It fits the 7800 very comfortably and is very stable. Cartridges stack with it without effort and come off easily as well without pulling out the Lock-on 2600 from the 7800. I'm very happy that I can play Imagic cartridges now on my 7800 with the Lock-on 2600 attachment. Previously, I could even get Imagic cartridges to align and connect with my 7800. Harmony Encore works fine with the adapter as well.


As seen in my photo, the base of the 2600 cartridge is flush with the 7800 top surface. It makes the cartridge look taller/longer but the Lock-on 2600 looks like its part of the cartridge -- very natural look. Great work, @ChrisKewl and @winz_mod!



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Got mine today!  These really look very good.  They are well made, I like the label (and the extras included), and they fit very well.  It's cool to finally have something that lets me fit those hard-to-fit 2600 games on my 7800.



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