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Using QuakeGen under Win 10

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I think I'm doing it wrong (as usual)


QUAKEgen.exe exits with a message: LastErr = 0x2  File name


I managed to figure out most of what DOSBOX is used for and converted a 640x480 TGA file to TEMP.BPG


When I run build.bat it complains with: code\hires.s 50: Error: undefined expression


I checked hires.s and line 50 says:     move.l #pic0,curpic    ;select first pic to display


I cannot find what value #pic0 should have.



Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong?


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Ok, so here's the situation:


1) It's the year 2020

2) Even myself had troubles running this thing

3) I know the principal DOSbox personally and I'm sure he won't mind

4) I don't give a crap about imagemagick's status

5) You people continue using this huge hack and you're all lovely


With all these in mind, here's an archive with all tools inclusive, it's been tested on Windows 10 and it's fine (basically it should be the same as the latest official version but with all the things bundled). Hopefully this will work for everyone!


Do let me know if you encounter problems with it though.


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That did the trick!


It needed the 32-bit version VCOMP100.DLL which I got from Microsoft: https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/B/C/5BC5DBB3-652D-4DCE-B14A-475AB85EEF6E/vcredist_x86.exe


Was able to send a message to Luchs Soft for his birthday.  He's big on the Jaguar, Lynx and Vectrex :)


Thank you again ggn and everyone!  It's fun making these birthday cards on a ROM ?



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