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My 7800 Vertical Shooter - Heofonfīr

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On 6/13/2020 at 1:29 PM, RevEng said:

There aren't any high level string commands. You can plot any string of characters with plotchars. Unlike interpreted basics, 7800basic is meant to be as lean and fast as possible. In terms of low-level string manipulation, there's memset and memcpy, and roll-your-own with memory arrays and loops.

This is why I love it.

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Here's the relevant excerpt from the yellow screen of death section of the manual...


You've somehow managed to begin executing data, rather than program code. This can happen if you return from a routine you didn't gosub to, or if you trigger bankswitching accidentally by writing to the bankswitch hotspot. It's possible to turn off this protection with the set breakprotect off statement, but you should figure out the reason the protection was tripped in the first place.


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Well, I decided to get back to work and upon compiling, get this error:

--- Unresolved Symbol List
interrupthold            0000 ????         (R )
   stack allowance: 20 nested subroutines.
   the canary is situated at: $1c1
   6956 bytes of ROM space left in the main area of bank 1.
     $2235 to $27ff was claimed as extra DL memory.
     $1880 to $23ff used as zone memory, allowing 48 display objects per zone.
     2334 bytes left in the 7800basic reserved area.
7800basic.h (80): error: EQU: Value mismatch.
7800basic.h (81): error: EQU: Value mismatch.
7800basic.h (82): error: EQU: Value mismatch.
7800basic_variable_redefs.h (142): error: EQU: Value mismatch.
7800basic_variable_redefs.h (144): error: EQU: Value mismatch.
7800basic_variable_redefs.h (146): error: EQU: Value mismatch.
Fatal assembly error: Source is not resolvable.

Lucelia Demo 8-18-2021.zip

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Looks like in your source you're trying to define temp1, temp2, and temp3 variables, but those are already declared by 7800basic itself. Thus the mismatch complaints.  Would be better to just call them as mytemp1, mytemp2, and mytemp3 etc so they don't step on the temp1-temp6 variables 7800basic defines.

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 I decided to rewrite my Vertical Shooter demo, using what I have learned from @mksmith, @Muddyfunster, @Mord, @RevEng, and @SmittyB. The sources and binaries will be posted when a functioning ROM is compiled.


Edit: Here are the Source and Binaries as promised. So far, it runs better than V4.

Vertical Shooter 8-27-2021.zip New_Vertical_Shooter_Rewrite5.78b.a78 New_Vertical_Shooter_Rewrite5.78b.bin

Edited by SlidellMan
The New Rom and Sources are now here!
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Time for a much-needed update. While the new shooting engine is better than what got from Atarius Maximus, I still have to correct the bug that causes the bullets to come from the bottom of the screen.

New_Vertical_Shooter_Rewrite5.78b.a78 New_Vertical_Shooter_Rewrite5.78b.bin Vertical Shooter 11-8-2021.zip

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