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Upcoming full-size Legends Pinball home machine revealed

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On 11/27/2020 at 2:06 PM, Bill Loguidice said:

Here's an image of the final product (yes, the main 32" LCD playfield is recessed and the 15.6" backglass can act as graphics, a DMD, or anything else that needs to be displayed):


No offense, but what's the deal here? Why can't your 3D visualization artist properly show the recessed screen? The image shows it almost flush with the glass. It should be simple to move it down to the proper depth. (Disclaimer: I am a 3D generalist)

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1 hour ago, Zoyous said:

Looks like shipping has gone well for the first group to receive their orders!

Yes, it's packed well to ensure the real glass survives. Initial reviews are good too and of course we're continuing to improve the software and features: 



It's just a matter of getting more machines in the pipeline, but that's coming too. 

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35 minutes ago, knievel1 said:

Watched several YouTube reviews of Legends Pinball & still unsure of VPX / FP status - anyone tried this out? 

I did see that Zaccaria Pinball would be available but that's certainly not the allure of the VP catalog or TPA tables from Steam. 

One YouTuber did mention the FX nix. 



You will be able to stream VPX / FP (and anything else) from a PC, otherwise you have to use the VPX / FP tables already converted to the platform. For the former, it will be a little more time to work a few things out, and if you want to use the LCD backglass you'll likely need to buy an adapter. More details will follow.

We'll have the Zaccaria tables live on the table soon (and the Legends Arcade Platform in general) and are developing more tables for the platform.

So the three major things still coming are a robust PC interface solution, more native tables, and the control panel with joystick and trackball for vertical arcade play.

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On 4/11/2021 at 5:55 AM, ls650 said:

Let's hope they 'unlose' it soon!

Nope. They just called and told me it's AtGames' problem and they refuse to do anything about it. Hence my disdain for FedEx.


Fingers crossed that AtGames makes it right. The interaction I had with support wasn't exactly promising.

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I just got mine today. Box 1 also arrived for me several days after box 2, and there was no scan in between the FedEx label being created and it being delivered. Hopefully it's just still on the way to you.


I think it's pretty cool for what it is. It does not take the place of a real mechanical pinball table, but then it's both a fraction of the price of most pinball tables these days (not counting those needing major repairs), and it lets you play multiple tables. What it does, I think it does well. I do have some nits I could pick but overall I'm happy with my purchase.


What I like:


* Big play area - I don't have a real pinball machine but it *seems* basically as big as those I've played on in the past.

* Obviously a lot of care went into making the cabinet feel authentic. It does not feel much different from playing on a real pinball table other than the sensations of heavy metal balls physically contacting various parts of the playfield. I even enjoy the fake coin door and wish my ALU had that.

* The cabinet itself seems pretty well built. The legs are actually thicker than some real pinball tables I've used.

* The artwork is a big improvement over the ALU (though I can't help but notice the focus on the women from the original artwork...).

* The buttons are a lot more leaf spring-like... I haven't checked to see what they actually are, but they're much lighter and less clicky than those in the ALU. (I like the ALU's buttons for an arcade cabinet, but I also like that AtGames has changed them for a pinball machine.)

* Ball physics seem pretty accurate.

* Good variety in included tables, and a decent number of them. Multiple eras are represented. Some tables are super old-school, while others are quite modern and multi-leveled.




* Supposedly there's haptic feedback, but either it's not working on my table or I was just expecting too much from it. I don't feel anything when I hit the flippers or when the ball does basically anything. I've looked for a setting for this and can't find it either - someone tell me if I'm just missing it. I did see in the latest firmware that it specifically mentioned improvements to haptic feedback, so I know it's supposed to be there.

* The interface is really confusing. There are a lot of buttons for a pinball table, and some of them do different things depending on the situation. For example, the "back" button (or "rewind" as I think it's actually called) can actually be a back button, or it can be a *select* button depending on the menu! This is maddening, and totally opposite behavior. It takes me forever, and multiple tries, to do simple navigation around the various menus. Also, why are the flipper buttons "reversed" by default according to the settings menu? Wouldn't the factory default setting, whatever it is, be the normal setting? There are so many weird things like that. I feel like I'm going to have to go through all the settings and just flip them to figure out what they do, because most of them make no sense.

* Some of the graphics are a little cartoony and make it a little hard to suspend disbelief. Rescue 911, for example, has a real plastic helicopter that swoops in when you do certain things. It looks almost hand-drawn on the Legends Pinball. I don't know if this is a limitation of the graphics hardware or just some unrefined textures or lighting effects, but it does occasionally make it painfully obvious that I'm just playing a video game, not real pinball.

* I've gotten mostly used to it now, but when I first turned on my machine I felt like the frame rate was a little too low and it was causing some eye strain. The actual game speed is fine, but when the ball's traveling really fast, I can see it jumping in between frames. I know it's supposed to be 60fps but sometimes I have a hard time believing that - I can't normally discern individual frames at 60fps. I also do *occasionally* see frame skips, but that's something different and doesn't happen often.

* I'd love a bigger screen than 15.6" for the back glass, but I can live with that for the price. I know it would drive it up to have something bigger.


Those are my thoughts so far. I *am* definitely having fun with the machine and I'm sure I will continue to do so into the future. I'm still getting to know all the tables and picking out my favorites.

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On 4/1/2021 at 8:10 AM, Bill Loguidice said:

I've been posting gameplay videos in menu order every few days for those interested in seeing some of the live play (Zaccaria add-ons and Gottlieb built-ins):



Please post more of these Bill,awesome stuff!?

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I'm impressed with it so far. Sure, it's a compromise vs. a real machine, but it's a perfectly acceptable compromise and it's implemented very well for what it is. The haptic feedback works great, the accelerometer for nudging is solid, sound is good, visuals are clear....every once in a while I manage to suspend disbelief that it's an actual table, which is cool.


I'd highly recommend the Zaccaria tables. They are fabulously implemented.


My only 'beef' (which isn't a beef really) is that thanks to both displays being digital, your peripheral vision doesn't work as well as a true table, so you have to look down a bit at the screen as you play. For DMD games this usually means you can't see both the table AND the display in your peripheral vision enough to 'focus' on both.  That's nothing specific to AtGames, that's just the way any digital displays are going to work in this setup. It's one of those compromises that has to be made in a digital machine no matter what.


It's a great system. I'd say it competes quite well with the $2-$3k digital machines while being 1/3 the price. Glad I got one. :)



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Apologies for the now triple post but wanted to get this out there.  I bought all the Zaccaria tables and the Magic Pixel stuff in the packs and:


WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THOSE MAGIC PIXEL AWARD TABLES? The ones like Wizard, Zombies, etc. that are just independent ones they added.


They're terrible. The art is bad, the playfields are boring, the play is too simple, and it seems like they just slapped them together in Windows Pinball Construction Kit. The "design" is almost the same every time with only minor variations. The sound is severely lacking. They're just.....bad.


I get that the appeal is the Zaccaria tables, which are all GREAT and implemented incredibly well.  And the "remakes" they did with the modern/retro versions of those are quite fun. So the independent tables are more a....freebie than anything, I guess. But....


They aren't value adds at all, and after playing them once for 4-5 minutes then quitting from boredom, I won't be playing them again.


I'm not really complaining because I do feel like I got value out of the table packs, though I think $200 is probably too steep for most consumers for all 4 of them. Nonetheless, those Magic Pixel award tables are just noticeably lower quality than the rest of the packs. Frankly I'd just toss them from 'em.  I do feel that, what, 5-10 of the tables advertised in the packs (which are those) are just worthless, though maybe others like them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


What tables are next for release though? :D


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15 minutes ago, Noah98 said:

Got my machine and I love it! The pictures and videos don't do it justice.  Must buy in my opinion.  Especially the Zaccaria tables!

Agreed. The newly released Zaccaria Deluxe tables are also super impressive:


Gameplay video for Cine Star Deluxe (Zaccaria) on the AtGames Legends Pinball (019):


(per usual, the 4K version may take a bit to process)


This is the nineteenth (019) in a series of quick 4K gameplay videos of every licensed virtual pinball table available to play on the AtGames Legends Pinball machine, one of the most value-packed home systems. I'll play these in menu order (for the most part), except in the case of these newer Deluxe tables, which have jumped to the front of the line.


This video covers the Magic Pixel release of Zaccaria's Cine Star Deluxe, an all-new deluxe version of the movie production-themed original with a Persian flavor. 


3 playfields
4 flippers
3 pop bumpers
1 hole
1 kickback
1 spinner
2 ramps
1-bank spot target (2)
4-bank spot targets (1)
5-bank spot targets (1)
1-bank drop target (4)


For the playlist containing all of the entries in this series so far, go here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7cBXTa-iLhvHCc6BvhEEFEbKyB5h3mmO





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