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"I Ran" endless runner game (wip)

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Hi guys.

A week or so ago I started to develop an endless runner game for atari xl/xe computers.

it's called "I RAN" and is a port of a game I wrote for atari 2600.


UPDATE (2020/06/10)

I wrote a 4 colour PNG convertor so now I can create backgrounds / titlescreen for 4 colour mode a lot easily than before, so I change from GR14 to GR7

New gr7 version:








This is the first playable demo:



IRAN.ATR atr created with MAKEATR


Testing and feedback will be appreciated :)









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Pretty neat. I have some observations and ideas.


1. The road/walkway isn't too convincing as a background to give the appearance movement. I suggest to use something that provides more distinguishable divisions and/or something more familiar, such as a sidewalk or boxes, etc.

2. Would be nice if the character could slow down and speed up, to provide better control.

3. Some sort of checkpoints would be nice in order to not require starting from the beginning all the time [maybe I just never reached one?].

4. The moon could slowly scroll to add more feel of movement.

5. The background could change to signify new levels (different planet, different colors, etc.) [again, maybe I just haven't gotten far enough?].

6. Additionally, holding down the button for different lengths of time could determine how long he stays up in the air.


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We'll be checking out I Ran on tomorrow's (Wed Jun 10) ZeroPage Homebrew stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!





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I was waiting the "Flock of seagulls" mention. ?

Yes, the game is called I Ran, as a subtle reference. Using the song is not subtle at all also the song is protected by copyright, so sorry, I will not use it.


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23 hours ago, Kyle22 said:

Was it that remake of Barbara Ann. What was it called? Something I ran. Too long ago...


there a whole reminisce parody line of so many songs... not to mention all of the inspired by....not sure, but it might be this Barbara Anne parody they're looking for...


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1 hour ago, vhzc said:

Yes, Endless Runner is a genre itself, so there are a lot of examples of similar games. But I Ran it is NOT a clone, just other game in the genre.

I love it! If you release a version for the 2600/5200 & 7800, can the packaging have something to tie them all together? Maybe a 7800 rainbow on the spine of the box with the console (e.g. 2600/5200/7800) identified on it?

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