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Blocks (Completed!) - Formerly BBlocks

Just Jeff

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1 hour ago, killersquirel said:

Is this the binary that the cartridge uses?

I am not 100% on that.  I do know that the exact binary for the cartridge is slightly different than the public one, but that the game itself plays the same.  Later today I will check to verify exactly which binary is the final public one.

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On 1/15/2021 at 3:15 PM, JeremiahK said:

Good news!


Over the last couple weeks, Jeff and I have been able to playtest the game a bit.  We found a couple bugs, and have fixed them.  We also finalized the game colors for both NTSC and PAL modes.  (Big thank you to Thomas Jentzsch for helping with the PAL colors!)


The game control switches have been changed:

  • LEFT DIFFICULTY controls game difficulty
    • A = 8-colors (hard)
    • B = 7-colors (medium)
  • RIGHT DIFFICULTY controls helpful hits
    • A = no hints
    • B = show hints
  • COLOR/BW controls game board colors
    • For NTSC/PAL displays, put the switch to COLOR
    • For SECAM displays, use BW

We are proud to say the game is now 100% complete!  (Maybe 110% would be more accurate :D)


bblocks.bin 2 kB · 287 downloads

This is the official final release.  The game plays exactly the same as the cartridge.

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Wow! This was the last game I played from my most recent purchase from the AtariAge store. After I was hooked on Qyx for a couple of weeks, amazed by GORF Arcade and impressed with Lode Runner, I finally gave Blocks a spin. Absolutely LOVE IT! My high score so far is 750,810. You really need those chain reactions to achieve high scores. 


So what are the best strategies to achieve high scores? I find working my way down the board helps me live longer by ensuring that I'm not inadvertently eliminating other moves I could have made later. However, I'm wondering if it's also reducing my overall score since it's likely reducing the probability of cascading matches since I've gotten rid of easy one-move scores. Usually I save one match at the bottom as a "safety" and work the rest of the board trying to maximize the score. At least when I get down to one remaining move I know where it is (since it's the safety) and hope that it will create new opportunities since it will have the biggest impact because it's changing the position of so many blocks.


Great game! Absolutely loving it!!

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On 6/24/2023 at 11:42 AM, JeremiahK said:

For anyone who purchased the cartridge, we added an easter egg accessible from the main menu!  It's a small reward for everyone who bought a physical copy of the game.  It's pretty easy to find, so I won't spoil the solution.  🙃

I figured it out. Thanks for mentioning that the cart version includes an easter egg.

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6 hours ago, cvga said:

So what are the best strategies to achieve high scores?

I mostly do the same as you.  I play the obvious moves at the top of the board first, keeping everything below it intact as long as possible.


Once I get to the levels that are long enough, I try to push for making 5-in-a-row.  Sometimes I will even get lucky and be able to make it on a cascade.


The main thing to focus on is survival, though.  Each level lasts longer and gives more points per match than the previous one, so if you can make it past Level 25, the points will really start piling up fast!

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Broke my high score again last night




Still using the same strategy as above but I'm a little better at seeing the board and determining whether a horizonal or vertical play helps more (I had a strong preference for horizonal previously). If I notice the board is significantly overweighted in a color or two, I'll avoid those and then use a "lower"  horizontal play to try to increase the odds of a cascade.


Super fun game. 

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2 hours ago, atari2600land said:

My bug happened again.


Sound like you are playing (A)dvanced mode instead of (B)eginner, which it occurred bug in Advance mode. In Beginner mode, it does not occurred when 'no more move' made.. 



Update: I already test Block in (A)dvanced mode, it does not occurred the bug........ STRANGE thing, What I seeing this one he is try playing on either Atari 2600 system or Stella emulator.

Edited by DeafAtariFromKansas
Updated after I played block as testing
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