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is there a CPU\RAM expansion for a Raspberry Pi Zero?


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I use Retroarch on my raspberry pi zero, and wish to run a certain arcade game on it. the problem is, it has a very low framerate. so I figure that I need more RAM or something. is there an external RAM thing for Raspberry Pi, and will it speed up said arcade game?

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Yeah, in all seriousness, you just need to buy a more capable Pi. The Zero/Zero W are great for some things but they’re too inexpensive to be very powerful. They’re also closed designs - that is, the only way to “expand” them is to connect something via USB, the GPIO pins, etc. But those are just I/O, not a way to add memory or replace the processor. 


But because Pi Zeros are so cheap, it’s quite literally cheaper to just buy a $35 full-sized Pi 3 than even try to engineer some kind of expansion. 

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