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Hero's Journey


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I've been working on a new game, and am looking for some feedback....Enjoy.


I wanted to make a real RPG for the Atari -- my inspiration was games like Wizardry and Bard's Tale which I played on the Apple II back in the 80s. Of course, I had to simplify. Since there's no way to save your progress (unless you're using Stella), It needed to be playable in one sitting. Instead of rolling up full characters, I have you just pick three classes of character with their own special skills. I felt it was important to preserve the concept of gaining levels and buying better and better equipment. I also felt that characters' deaths should be permanent -- at least until you save up enough to have them resurrected. If the whole party dies, you're out of luck, though. This is an important aspect of these types of RPGs, I think. If you can just restore the game, it loses something. Also, you start out pretty weak. There will be a lot of going into the dungeon , killing a few monsters, and going back to town to rest and buy better equipment. Don’t go too far in until you get more powerful. 

The best combination to start with is knight, rogue, and wizard.



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Here's our game play of Hero's Journey from Wed Jun 17 on ZeroPage Homebrew, enjoy! Thanks to @satyrsfaction for the World Premiere sneak preview of the game on Wednesday!






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