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Zoom-TI-99ers Pandemic 4A Club Online Virtual Meetup


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I'm a 'no news is good news' sort of person... The meet up is still on even if the thread is not bumped... Even if I can't make it, I'll find a way to get someone else to start it.


The goal is a no fan-fare, relaxed, easy, and consistent meet up that can be taken for granted. 



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5 hours ago, arcadeshopper said:

There's a calendar link in the first post you can import

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imported. of course if you have a habit of ignoring your phone... I think I need a todo on my phone to remind me to check my calendar on my phone, wait i'll ignore that too. maybe if I set an auto email to email me to check my todo to check my calendar..... or I can just start looking at my phone from time to time like i'm supposed to. ?

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1 hour ago, RXB said:

Hmm I am on Mountain Standard Time is it 3pm MST or Central or Eastern time?

I missed the last one thinking 2pm MST but it was Central so I was late.


For the Sunday times, set the 'My Location' field on the form here: https://www.timetemperature.com/time-tools-advanced/utc-2020091303pm-us-oregon-pacific-12.html


and you should get the time you need. 


For the Saturday times, do the same here: https://www.timetemperature.com/time-tools-advanced/utc-2020091911am-us-oregon-pacific-12.html


They alternate every week to try and provide options... 

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