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Hi. I’ve watched the video and read the included manual. I’m having issues from the get-go. Purchased brand new micro SD card (default format of FAT32), but formatted it again to FAT32 just to be sure. Used QR code address to download firmware to SD card, plugged it into the LynxGD, and the Lynx screen won’t update to the illustrated firmware screen (as shown on this website). Still getting the QR code screen. Where am I going wrong.  Is there some customer service to chat with so I don’t have to go back and forth for days to straighten this out? Thanks!!


UPDATE: Figured it out. Can’t modify the file name. Working fine now. 

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On 9/27/2020 at 12:31 AM, Emb145Esq said:

UPDATE: Figured it out. Can’t modify the file name. Working fine now. 


Yes, I do mention this explicity in the install guide above. :)


The cart is looking for a specific file to use for the update, it can't determine which file to use unless it is named correctly.

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Just trying to setup my card.

Had no luck with a 128GB card formatted to FAT32, so tried again with a 32GB formatted to FAT32.

The firmware file is in the root named - firmware.upd.


However, when I power on the Lynx I see the following error:



Any tips would be appreciated.


I'm using a Samsung EVO 32GB card.


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Hi! Sorry, I wasn't getting notifications on this thread, fixed that now.


The memory card unreadable means it does not recognise it as a FAT or FAT32 format.


Are you sure it's FAT32? As far as I'm aware 32GB and smaller memory cards *should* be FAT32 formatted as standard.

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