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HSC17 Round 12: PITSTOP

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Please stop! Well you voted for it so you only have yourselves to blame :grin: It's not that bad really, especially the Pit-stop part!


Download from Fandal Info on Atarimania



Who's going to suggest the format RedThunder I'm looking at you :waving:


There are three skill levels Rookie/Semi-Pro/Pro

3/6/9 lap options

and Single/Mini(3)/Grand(6) circuits

for now let's go for:

Pick one of the three options (yes you can play them all if you wish)

Race 1 - Rookie 3-Laps each of the Single Circuits if there is more than one of them?

Race 2 - Semi Pro 9-Laps Mini Circuit

Race 3 - PRO 9-Laps Grand Circuit



Round ends Sunday 5th July 10AM UK time.

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Ok, so there are six different courses: Monaco, Le-Mans, Kyalami, Albi, Jarama and St. Jovite.


The Mini-Circuit consists of Le-Mans, Jarama and Kyalami. The Grand-Circuit consists of all six races.


The scoring is plain:


1st place equals $50,000

2nd place equals $25,000

3rd place equals $15,000

4th place equals $10,000


For each lap completed, you get another $1000 meaning even if you don't end up among the top 4, you'll get some compensation. There is no bonus for fastest time, no bonus for least amount of tire wear etc.


On Rookie, 3 laps each race takes 1,5 - 2 minutes. I believe ALL of us will be able to finish in 1st place on every course with that setting, so all will end up with $53,000 per race. Kind of pointless in the HSC.


I'll assume that Semi-pro and Pro levels are harder, so perhaps one minute per lap +/- any pit stop time. The Mini-Circuit thus would be 9*3 = 27 laps ~= 30 minutes of playing. The Grand-Circuit would be 9*6 = 54 laps ~= 60 minutes in a session. These two perhaps are competitive, but one should be aware that you should set along an hour to make a score (not entirely unlike the side tournament in M.U.L.E. we held).


Alternative settings for shorter sessions so you can have more attempts on improving the score:


Race 2: Semi Pro 6-laps Mini-Circuit => 6*3 = 18 laps ~= 20 minutes

Race 3: Pro 3-laps Grand-Circuit => 3*6 = 18 laps ~= 20 minutes

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Screenshots usually are optional in the HSC, in particular if you're playing a circuit of multiple races only the final score should matter. I thought the game displayed a summary after the circuit?


Ah, yes! At the bottom half of the screen you have the circuit standings so you need to keep count that you have played all 3 or 6 races and after your last race, record your score and optionally take a screenshot.


Also, I realized that in the single races we do have the final time listed so I suppose for Race 1 we could ignore Purse and strictly look at best times for each course. Only in the case of Race 2 and 3 the Purse really is relevant to me, whether we run those as games up to 60 minutes per score or a shorter variation.

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9 hours ago, therealbountybob said:

I'm thinking the 9 lap option brings the pit stop part more into play, from memory I think you can do a 1?! or 2 stopper or 5 stops!! :ponder:


We should track times for the tables.



I figured the track times are how we're keeping score this time around.  On the mini-circuit and full-circuit, I'll take screenshots of each race.

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Ok, I finished a mini-circuit on Semi-Pro and I noticed that each time you play a mini-circuit, you don't play the same 3 races, so I'm thinking the best way to play this is to just pick a difficulty level, 9 laps and play all the races for the fastest time.  That being said, here are my results for my mini-circuit:


Jarama:  4'50"

Monaco:  7'11"

Albi:  4'20"



Jarama 450.png

Monaco 711.png

Albi 420.png

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8 hours ago, Deteacher said:

each time you play a mini-circuit, you don't play the same 3 races



Well, perhaps we should skip the circuits and go for individual races?


Race 1: Rookie, 3 laps on each of the 6 courses, best time per course

Race 2: Semi-Pro, 9 laps on each of the 6 courses, best time per course


Race 3A: Pro, 9 laps on each of the 6 courses, best time per course

Race 3B: Pro, 9 laps on the Grand-Circuit consisting of all 6 courses, best total prize money


The bonus with the revised Race 2 and 3A is that you don't have to play all courses in the same sitting.

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So 3 LAPS, Rookie, Single Circuit


Monaco 1:46 1:44

Le-Mans 1:14

Kyalami 1:18

Albi 1:09

Jarama 1:38

St.Jovite 1:21


So 3 LAPS, Semi Pro, Single Circuit

Monaco 1:46

Le-Mans 1:17

Kyalami 1:20

Albi 1:13

Jarama 1:47

St.Jovite 1:25


So 3 LAPS, Pro, Single Circuit

Monaco 1:34 (Dont know how I did this, I crashing to cars all the time...two red tyres on the front)

Le-Mans 1:26

Kyalami 1:36

Albi 1:25

Jarama 2:02

St.Jovite 1:39




What would be cool if there was some way to disable the tyre wear on levels and only do pitstops for fuel.  For the hackers out there ;-)


Another option could .... how far can you get in a race before you run out of fuel or just plain blow up.

6Laps, Rookie, Monaco. 1 tank of fuel, no stops ...2:40 then blew up.




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Ok, I'd like to make a suggestion for the settings.  


# of laps:  9

Difficulty:  Semi-Pro

Single Race


Then we play for fastest track times.  6 separate tables...one for each track.  Assign points based on fastest times.


Or we can just scrap this altogether and play whatever came in 2nd in the poll.  :)

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This is chaotic, three days into the round and nobody knows for sure which settings we should use or how we'll score. :)


I agree with Deteacher, that for Race 1 (Rookie, 3 laps) and Race 2 (Semi-Pro, 9 laps) we play each course individually and report the times. That makes for up to 12 different scores. Then it remains if Race 3 should be Pro, 9 laps, individual races or if we should play the Grand-Circuit and report purse $ at the end as I think it will be most competitive, least likely everybody will end up with $53,000 * 6 = $318,000.

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3 hours ago, carlsson said:

@RedThunder: Are you now playing every course at every difficulty level and every setting of number of laps, a total of 6 * 3 * 3 = 54 different scores, just in case a few will match the scores that @therealbountybob in the end recognizes? :-D

Just playing game. Trying to bond with it somehow.


Banging out 54 scores might be the only way ;)


Back to LeMans :)



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