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HSC17 Round 12: PITSTOP

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Ok, here are my times. I realized that there are no robot drivers in Pitstop 1, so if you only have one player, you will always finish in first place, no matter how slow you are. Thus the purse is entirely worthless in the HSC, even in the Race 3 Grand Circuit. Just like we already have done so far, publish individual times per course and per difficulty level / number of laps is the only way to post scores in this round, and then it will be up to trbb to award points based on that.


Race 1: Play every course at Rookie, 3 laps, best times
Monaco: 1:43
Le-Mans: 1:15
Kyalami: 1:19
Albi: 1:09
Jarama: 1:38
St. Jovite: 1:21


Race 2: Play every course at Semi Pro, 9 laps, best times
Monaco: 6:43
Le-Mans: 4:42
Kyalami: 4:52
Albi: 4:19
Jarama: 6:05
St. Jovite: 5:01


I didn't try Pro yet, it was tedious enough with Semi-Pro.

























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In order to help @therealbountybob and all other players, I compiled scores so far per the settings that me and Deteacher seem to have agreed on.


Monaco, 3 laps Rookie
1:43 carlsson
1:44 Sikor
1:44 RedThunder
2:07 roadrunner


Le-Mans, 3 laps Rookie
1:14 Sikor
1:14 RedThunder
1:15 carlsson
1:33 roadrunner


Kyalami, 3 laps Rookie
1:18 RedThunder
1:19 carlsson


Albi, 3 laps Rookie
1:09 carlsson
1:09 RedThunder


Jarama, 3 laps Rookie
1:38 carlsson
1:38 RedThunder


St. Jovite, 3 laps Rookie
1:21 carlsson
1:21 RedThunder

Monaco, 9 laps Semi-Pro
6:43 carlsson
7:11 Deteacher


Le-Mans, 9 laps Semi-Pro
4:42 carlsson
4:43 RedThunder


Kyalami, 9 laps Semi-Pro
4:52 carlsson


Albi, 9 laps Semi-Pro
4:19 carlsson
4:20 Deteacher


Jarama, 9 laps Semi-Pro
4:50 Deteacher
6:05 carlsson


St. Jovite, 9 laps Semi-Pro
5:01 carlsson

Monaco, 9 laps Pro
7:30 RedThunder


Le-Mans, 9 laps Pro
5:28 RedThunder


Kyalami, 9 laps Pro
5:35 RedThunder


Albi, 9 laps Pro
5:23 RedThunder


Jarama, 9 laps Pro
7:09 RedThunder


St. Jovite, 9 laps Pro
6:40 RedThunder


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I think I've managed full refuel + all four tyres in about 30 seconds.


Most definitely I will not try all 54 combinations of number of laps, difficulty level and course. The game becomes repetitive after a while. Perhaps it would even be enough with the "sprint" events 3 laps at Rookie, and the "long distance" events 9 laps at Pro, to which extent it is more difficult than Semi-Pro.

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Race 3: Play every course at Pro, 9 laps, best times
Monaco: 7:22
Le-Mans: 5:02
Kyalami: 5:17
Albi: 4:32
Jarama: 6:55
St. Jovite: 5:17


I didn't bother with screenshots this time, but my best full service pit stop (all four tires resplaced + refueling) was 27.7 seconds until the screen shifted back to the race.

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Rookie 3 Laps

St. Jovite 1:20

Monaco 1:44

Le Mans 1:14 (for some reason spelled with a dash, like New-York...)


Playing three rounds is pretty pointless, however, as you just get worse graphics than Pole Position and no pit stop at all....





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Do the lines on the edge of the track stop working for anyone else after a play or two? Instead of bending left or right with the track's curvature, they stay straight and don't move at all. It doesn't affect the gameplay in any way, I just thought it was odd. I'm playing on an NTSC 130XE.

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