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My atari is 2600 jr is having screen issues or flickering

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I Got this atari 2600 jr at ebay 6 mouths ago for 30 dollars with just console itself because i already had a power supply for it and since then i play it almost once or twice a week and until today when i opened the console to just clean the dust and i open the rf shield and suddenly I accidentally scratch the motherboard  with RF Shield once well that when after i test it. and i was done cleaning everything i put it back together Except for the RF shielding and start testing it and i play river raid and it was working fine next i played gorf and this was when my 2600 jr started acting weird because when i die the screen started to have a weird effect and i open the console and start to realize that i did accidentally scratched the motherboard with the RF Shield and the more 2600 games I put the jr more of that screen issue happen and But im not sure if its the. Cracks or something else but this really sucks because i was already thinking about modding my 2600 jr to have composite but i dont think can't do anything at this moment but i have a coleco gemini as a backup. Console but i don't want to mod my gemini and i toke pictures just if you want to see the problem but anyways is there way how to fix this problem 







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