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Atari Jaguar Help - White Lines over RGB


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Was hoping someone here has some experience with the Atari Jaguar console? Mine's a NTSC Revision B. I'm getting these white lines as seen in the video below. PSU is genuine, console looks very clean inside. I've tried 2 seperate RGB cables from Retro Gaming Cables. Having the same issue with a genuine composite cable also, but the shimmering is more intense and the white lines are not visible on the load screen.




Keen to get this fixed, I was just going to buy another, but the price these things go for now have reached beyond stupid. The logical thing would be to do a recap (I'll do it regardless), but am wondering if this issue is possibly solved otherwise or runs deeper. Hopefully someone here understands this system better... Attached are pictures of the motherboard.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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