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Does any game use 6+ players with 6-buttons


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Currently I have five 6 button pads, two 3 button pads.


I know four Wheel of Fortune Sega CD, I need a third 3 button controller.


Do any Sega Genesis game from any region require more than five 6 button pads, to the point that fights will not be started about who gets the 6 button vs. 3 button controller.


Also for games that glitch out unless every controller is a three-button controller, is the maximum number of three-button controllers needed for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and that's it, or does any game need more than 3 three-button controllers?


The only u.s. Genesis game I know that has 6 or more players is Double Dribble Playoff edition, which can seat 8.  I need one more controller anyway if I want to have eight players because they use any 8 controllers.  I know Double Dribble only requires a three-button controller and works with 6 button controllers with no advantage given to the 6 button controller.  If I have a local couch party, I don't want people fighting over who gets the 6 button and who gets the 3 button.


Also I have a Game Genie which is a universal Genesis adapter.  So you could include Genesis games from anywhere in the world.


For foreign regions, I only want games that are not highly reliant on Japanese or other foreign language text.  By the way, my main language is English.


also could I have briefed little descriptions and/or video clip of them where I could find these games so I can decide whether it's worth hunting on eBay for these games or not.  


The main reason is I'm trying to figure out whether to buy a 3 button (I need one for Wheel of Fortune CD anyway) and whether to add 1 to 3 six-buttons as well as more three buttons .

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Should buy 6 of these




I am a fan of original hardware, however that said I FU*&ING love these controllers and don't use anything else.

I wonder if they work with Wheel of Fortune, I have never played that game on the Genesis.

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I think you're missing the point of my question.  It's not what controller brand 9f controller to get.  


It's about which type of controller between( three-button and six button ) i need and how many of those.


I need one controller anyway and I already got 7 that can use any controllers namely Double Dribble.  8 is the absolute maximum.


if there is a cooler game that uses a 6th or even 7th and 8th six button controller I could forgo the third Wheel of Fortune controller until I find a real good deal.


I'm trying to base my priorities on what games I currently have and what games are currently out there that are worth getting.

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I think Bomberman supports 6+ players, but I can't imagine it requires more than 3 buttons.


Actually, I guess that was just the prototype. The released game is only 1-4.


There are a couple of lists out there, but none of them are 100% accurate. A lot of them list NBA Jam as 8-player (???), or they list Micro Machines as supporting the Team Player (it does not, I've tried every version).

Anyway, according to those lists, Double Dribble is the only 8-player game. Every other game is 5 players or less (or you swap the controller around, like Worms).


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