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8-bit reviews

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Hello all,

I am trying to find/remember a website that I used to visit from the early to mid 2000s. It was often linked to the Atari 2600 rarity index here at Atari Age. It was a website that reviewed games across all the platforms of the early 80s. So if you looked up Centipede for example, it might run a head to head comparison and rating of the versions for Atari 2600, Vic-20, C64, Atari 800, Coleco Vision, Atari 5200, Atari 7800,  and Apple II. It awarded the top three each time around.


Does anyone remember this website/blog?

Does it still exist?

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No, it wasn't Mobygames. But thanks for the suggestion. That is a very nice website that has a lot of good info.


The website I am thinking about is not professional like Mobygames, and is all the work of one person who focuses only on the 8-bit era.


Perhaps Albert might know? Maybe I should email him.

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The Retrogaming Times Monthly newsletter has/had? a feature like that compared popular 8-bit games across several platforms.  Was always one of my favorite sections of the newsletters.




If you look at their newletter archive you can pull down issues up to 20 years ago.


As an example, I pulled up a copy of the May 2006 newsletter and it contained an article called The Lost Many Faces of . . . Mario Bros.
by Alan Hewston
 and it covered all these versions of the Mario Bros games:


Arcade: 1983 by Shigeru Miyamoto ­ Nintendo
Home versions mostly by Atari ­ most of the
programmer credits now found
•Apple ][ ­ 1983 by Atarisoft (Jimmy Huey) [not officially
•Atari 2600 ­ 1983 by Atari (Dan Hitchens)
This is the XE title that several readers knew in advance
was the best.
•Atari 7800 ­ 1988 by Atari
•Atari XE version ­ 1988 by Atari (Sculptured Software,
•Atari 8 bit computer ­ 1983 by Atari (Bob Merrill)
•Atari 5200 ­ 1983 by Atari (Eric Knopp)
•Commodore 64 ­ 1983 by Atarisoft (Juan Alvarado &
Greg Tavares)
•Commodore 64 ­ 1987 by Ocean (Allan Shortt. Music:
Jane Lowe. Graphics: Fred Gray)

Other systems not covered here:
Nintendo NES ­ 1986 by Nintendo
Amstrad CPC ­ 1987 by Ocean
ZX Spectrum ­ 1987 by Ocean

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On 7/2/2020 at 6:25 PM, oesii said:

Oh and it did have a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winner for each game so that might be what you were looking for.

oesii, Thank you! That's the one. That is the exact site that I was looking for, trying to remember. Thanks!

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