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Improved version of Screaming Wings

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Hello everyone!


I did some changes for the Screaming Wings game to improve the graphics and also improve the gameplay with it. I always felt that the game was too hard because you couldn't see the bullets neither the enemies against the background, so I changed them (see screenshots).


Doing these changes I also created some reverse-engineering tools for Atari that may be interesting for some people. 



I also wrote a post about the process. It's in spanish but I can translate it if there is interest on it.






Captura de pantalla de 2020-06-28 21-13-28.png


Captura de pantalla de 2020-06-28 21-14-16.png


Captura de pantalla de 2020-06-29 00-58-31.png


Captura de pantalla de 2020-06-29 00-58-57.png


Screaming Wings 2020.xex

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58 minutes ago, TapperP said:

Just tried in Altirra. Looks and plays great! Thank you for sharing it.


Are there bosses? How many levels does it have?


Will try on real hardware later. Is this xex NTSC or PAL?


No bosses in this one. Not sure about number of levels, but they tend to be similar.


It is probably PAL as it was written by Red Rat in Manchester, England.

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Nice work!  Seems to look better than what I remembered, though haven't played it for that many years.

It could do with using a 2nd fire button, instead of the space bar.


Unlike most games the explosion(s) seems to be in slow motion - whereas most games have it running too fast.

These explosions could be better drawn so as to animate nicely.



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7 hours ago, www.atarimania.com said:

Hmmm... Why choose the horrible "Cracked by Kilroy" file and not the original disk version with cool loading screen? The font would need an overhaul as well. Unless somebody is working on a 1942 conversion, it would also be nice to have the game behave like the original, that is begin with stage 32. 


I only had two versions: A clean one that came compressed and I was unable to patch directly, and this uncompressed one by Kilroy. If you can point me to the one with the loading screen I can take a look.

Font patches are welcome ?


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