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GONE: 2.5" SATA hard drives (11, various sizes)


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All drives securely wiped, reporting normal health and no bad sectors.  Will ship in USPS Priority Small Flat Rate box which should run about $8 to most locations.  Just pay shipping -- I can fit up to four drives in the small box.



  • Seagate Thin HDD ST500LM021
  • Hitachi H2T500854S
  • Western Digital WD5000LPCX



  • Western Digital WD3200LPVX
  • Samsung HM321HI



  • Seagate Momentus Thin ST250LT003
  • Samsung HM250HJ



  • Hitachi (Dell OEM, DP/N 057W6K)
  • Western Digital (Dell OEM DP/N 01GDV1)



  • Western Digital WD1200BEVS



  • Hitachi HTS541680J9SA00




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I will likely have some more over the next couple of weeks.  Not sure what sizes, though.  I have a metric shyte tonne of hard drives I have collected over the past few years and I need to purge.  Most of them are 3.5" drives, though.

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I appreciate that what I just said might make some people anxious about getting some of what I find next, and I appreciate the enthusiasm to help me get them out, but please note I am not going to start public or private waiting lists.  Do what I do and follow this sub-forum and watch for things as they get posted.

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1 minute ago, ClassicGMR said:

That's ok. The PS2 slot is a 3.5" bay. :) I was going to throw my 128GB SSD drive in there but bigger is better. :)


Keep me in mind. :)

Keep your eyes peeled.  I will likely be going through all of my 3.5" inchers this weekend and post up what I come up with next week.

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