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(It's currently 4:32 A.M. and im super tired, so I'm sorry for any inconsistencies in my post)


I was looking at my storage just in case I needed to delete some stinkers in my collection, and to my surprise, I had 21.1 GB of free system storage and 12.9 GB of free space on my SD card (out of 32 GB).


I'm kinda amazed at how small switch games are (I know there's some like L.A. Noire that are like 40GB. But in general they're pretty small). Now, im not a demanding player. I usually buy small classic games for it, but I do own a decent amount of games, about 33 games and they all hold on an SD card (I have some on the system storage, but I was able to fit them all on the SD card when I tested it). 


The largest game in my collection is Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition at only 6.2GB. The most detailed game in my collection, Mario Odyssey only takes up 386MB of space (most of the game's on the card though). Now, im sure if I add a few more first-party games to my library, my storage would be full, but with how I mostly use my system (hybrid classic game console and YouTube player), I should be fine for the next couple of years.


What's the largest game you own for your switch? How much space do you have left on it? Are you going to upgrade your storage anytime soon?

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I have a 128GB card in my Switch, and I will probably never run out of storage space. I still have 54.1GB left on the SD and another 24.4GB on the system. I apparently have 46 games + Youtube, if that counts for 47. The largest game that I have is Valkyria Chronicles, which is 7.4GB. The smallest game that I have that actually takes up space is Langrisser 1+2, which has 0.7MB (yes, ~700 kilobytes) of DLC. Everything is on the SD card except 66.6MB of something for Smash.


I originally started with a 16GB card, but the fact that Valkyria Chronicles alone takes up almost half of that + DLC for Smash and Fire Emblem Warriors alone, I decided to get a bigger SD card a few months ago. Now I use that 16GB card in my new SD2SNES Pro.

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I've upgraded once from a 64GB to a 128GB SD card if I'm not mistaken, but the latter is almost already full and I already had to archive L.A. Noire (even though I have the game card so it "only" took around 18GB).


I have 10 GB free on the system, and only 6.3GB left on the SD card... Without L.A. Noire, the biggest game is Observer (full digital) at 18 GB, and then I've got 4 games around 8 GB: Doom 3 (digital), The Sinking City (digital), Wolfenstein 2 (physical), and DOOM (2016, physical). Then we find Night Trap that I paid a few cents! ;) I also have several demos (two of them taking more than 4GB), and I would prefer to keep them as long as possible.


So clearly, I would probably be ok with a 32GB SD card if I was willing to buy multiplatform games on my PS4 instead, but I just prefer to play on Switch, even if the graphics are downgraded.

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i've nattered on about this before I think.  My 'Borderlands Legendary Collection' tips the scales at about ~42 gig.  I think one of the individual games is ~20.  StarLink I think is 14 or 16 gig.


like three months ago i bought a 400gig micro SD card on Amazon for around $48 US.  Best value purchase, imo, for my Switch.

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My biggest games are Sword of the Guardian and Fantasy Strike, both about 8 gigs. Haven't tried FS because I don't even have space to install it, but SotG is a modest beat-em-up created by one person and it makes no sense for it to be that big, and it doesn't seem like FS should be either. Must be poor choice of file format on the dev's part, or something.

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Pretty sure my largest is the free copy of Portal Knights I got which is an interesting game but I got tried of it awhile back, and then there's Doom which stuffs a decent chunk on the system for the useless multiplayer I won't have anything to do with (and if online is disabled, game plays just fine off card anyway.)  Other than that stuff like Blaster Master 0 and a few others are just not all that big as I'm not into digital unless it's a forced thing.

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